President Erdoğan spoke at the mass opening ceremony in Mardin: (3)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “The six table and its partners, who do nothing but gather and disperse like an idle pulley, should come out and announce their candidates instead of trying to fetch each other.” said.

Erdoğan, Mardin 15 July Democracy and “Mardin” held in Martyrs’ Square. leather Plain Irrigation”, “Midyat- Nusaybin way”, “Omerli ve Dargeçit Participated in the collective opening ceremony of other projects completed with “Natural Gas Supply”.

President Erdogan, the terrorist organization, TurkeyExpressing that as they finish within the borders of . How If we crushed them, we will suffocate their politician-looking extensions by expanding democracy, rights and freedoms, and strengthening our bond with you.”

Turkey CenturyEmphasizing that Turkey will also be the century of hope, joy and excitement that will rise with works, services, investments, and prosperity in this region starting from Mardin, Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Together we will embrace our country with all our hands and build our common future together. For this, we will make up for the deficiencies of our democracy. For this, if there are deficiencies in our works and service infrastructure, we will make up for them. For this, we will remove obstacles to strengthening our brotherhood. For this, we will strengthen our thousand-year-old solidarity in our geography. , we will go about our business without bringing anyone between us. That’s what we say? We say ‘one nation, one flag, one homeland, one state.’ We hold on tightly to our goals. We are expanding our vision with the Century of Turkey.”

“We raised the bar even higher with the Century of Turkey”

Expressing that with each global crisis, the political and economic balances in the world shift a little more, and Turkey gains strength with its shining star, Erdoğan reminded that they opened the underground natural gas terminal in Thrace yesterday.

Erdogan said, “How much? 4 billion 600 million cubic meters. They gossip on the right and left. We do business, business. Those who looked at us with sneer until yesterday need our support on many issues today.” he said.

Stating that they have constantly taken their democracy and development breakthroughs to higher levels with the centuries-old works and services they have brought to Turkey in 20 years, Erdoğan stated that he conveyed the investments they made to Mardin with today’s opening ceremony and during their government. Since there is no one to fall in love with us on this issue, we are now competing with our projects. We have raised the bar with the Turkish Century.” said.

“Let the table of six listen well”

Erdogan asked those in the field, “Do you like our song? Is it beautiful? Is it beautiful in Kurdish and Turkish?” “Let the table of six listen well,” he asked. used the phrase.

After the song “Century of Turkey”, Erdogan said, “I hope 2024, 2025, 26, 27, 28, 2024, 2025, 26, 27, 28… By successfully passing our country through this historical turning point, with the responsibility we will undertake once again in 2023 with your support, not tomorrow, but right now.” said.

He said to those in the field, “Now, I want you to give such a voice that there is no one left who cannot hear, not from east, west, north to south, but in our country, in the world.” Calling out, Erdogan asked:

“Mardin, are we ready to build the Century of Turkey together? Are we ready to once again open the way to a safe, peaceful and prosperous Turkey in 2023? Mardin, are we ready to embrace the vision of 2053, which is the most valuable legacy we will leave to our children? Mardin, Are we ready to bring peace to all our brothers and sisters in our region together with our country? “There is no goal we cannot reach. May God be pleased with you. I love you for the sake of Allah, I love you because of the Creator. They will not be able to separate us from each other. We are one with Turks, Kurds, Laz, Circassians, Arabs, we are together, We are brothers and may our Lord perpetuate this unity.”

“There is no end of judicial process, no ban coming”

Underlining that no matter what anyone says, there is work, service and investment on their agenda, President Erdoğan said, “What is in the opposition, it is a big deal. We have spent nearly half a century of political life with this agenda and this struggle. While standing against the tutelage and challenging the coup plotters, we were also talking about the global political agenda. And even though we didn’t thank the economic hit men, we only trusted God, we relied only on the nation. We took our strength from you.” he said.

Emphasizing that they are sincere in every step they take and in every project they implement, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Because you were behind us, we trusted the nation. We may have some shortcomings, we had mistakes, maybe we had mistakes, but we alhamdulillah we made up for and overcame all of them. We did not harm our country or our nation with what we did or did not do. We always wanted to see rivals with whom we could compete in the politics of work and service. We used to meet with opponents in this caricature. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with types who are the representatives of a mentality that is a residue of one-party fascism for a long time. Lies, slander and distortion are the only material of these caricature types, who have no acquisitions other than origin and sectarian abuse in the name of serving the country and the nation.

Now, the same fascist mentality is behind the storm that has been ripped off by a court decision in recent days. In fact, this debate has nothing to do with us, myself, or our nation. Because the subject consists of the conviction decision of a person for allegedly insulting the judges. There is neither a political discussion nor a fight of opinion nor a struggle for service. When we look at what was said, written and drawn after the announcement of the court decision, we both laugh and feel sad on the other. We laugh when we see how many false words are expressed in an assertive and confident way. We also feel sad when we see that someone is chasing their own internal fights and Byzantine-like of thrones over us.”

“Does not give the right not to recognize the court decision”

Stating that the picture before them is very clear, President Erdoğan stated that according to Article 138 of the Constitution, judges carry out their duties independently, in accordance with the law and the law.

President Erdoğan said, “As we always say, we do not have to like every decision made by the courts. There have been many court decisions that we have criticized, but also criticized in the harshest way. But this does not give anyone the right to insult the judges and not recognize the court decisions.” he said.

Using the phrase, “No one can question our commitment to democracy and the legitimate methods of doing politics,” Erdogan said that their lives were spent struggling with prohibitions and that they always found the solution in the nation.

“Today, they are making the same calculation over artificial agendas”

Expressing that they are looking for a competitor with whom they can compete in front of the nation for the upcoming elections, President Erdoğan said:

“As the People’s Alliance, we have been calling for this for months, but with those who call themselves the ‘six table’ but with the people around them. how much? The opposition side, whose number is uncertain, could not come up with a name. It is known to the world that everyone at the table has another plan, another intention. Now, someone is trying to turn the reckoning on the table in our favor, using a court decision as an excuse. It’s called one-party fascism, but we won’t swallow it. This is exactly the hypocrisy of this one-party fascism residue mentality that disgusts our nation with itself.

They could not get rid of the disease of dreaming of power on the backs of others, instead of coming out and fighting. Yesterday, the putschists were lurking behind the national will through the tutelage, today they are making the same calculation over artificial agendas. However, there is neither a judicial process that has ended nor a ban coming. This decision will go to the Court of Appeal first and then to the Supreme Court. If the court’s decision is deficient or faulty, necessary arrangements can already be made there. The main distortion here is the attempt to turn a judicial process into an appetizer of the political conflicts within the six table. They are trying to use us for the same . Don’t worry. We did not take part in this , we will not. Now I repeat once again from Mardin, for us it does not matter who the presidential candidate will be. The People’s Alliance has announced its candidate, it is in the middle of the squares, saying its words with a thud. The six table and its partners, who do nothing but gather and disperse like an idle pulley, should come out and announce their candidates if they have the heart to deal with feuding each other. It doesn’t matter to Ahmet, Mehmet, Ali, Veli, Ayşe, Fatma, as long as they get out and show the courage to say ‘This is our candidate’ without lying in the mud. Let’s know with whom we will fight in the square, with whom we will compete for vision, with whom we will compete for programs and projects. Neither the candidates they presented in the 2014 nor 2018 presidential elections were able to create such an atmosphere.”


At the ceremony, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin NabatiMinister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VarankGovernor of Mardin and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mahmut Demirtas, AK Party Vice Presidents Hamza Mountain, Vital Printer, Erkan Kandemir, Belgin Uygur, Mustafa SenAK Party General Secretary Fatih Sahin and parliamentarians.

Around the square decorated with Turkish flags, “Mardin says that as soon as the empty sack stands up, the six-piece table will not stand”, “The only captain of the ship is the crew. The only owner of the heart is the owner, the rest is details Reis”, “We have been here for 21 years, today is tomorrow, until 2023″. We are ready”, “Time is pregnant with our love, never twisting, turning and walking towards the truth, does the road endure, or when we give shoulder to shoulder, does the road endure”, “Our grapes are vineyards, six tables are strife. You stand up, chief, the people of Mardin are with you” and banners containing the messages “Century of Turkey” were hanged. .

He greeted the citizens with the song “Century of Turkey” performed in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac.

President Erdogan, Mardin AirportDuring his arrival at the ceremony area at the 15 July Democracy and Martyrs Square, he was greeted with demonstrations of affection by the people of Mardin. Erdogan greeted the citizens along the way and gave gifts to the children.

Following his arrival at the podium, Erdoğan greeted the citizens in the square with the song “Century of Turkey” performed in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac.

Opening of investments

After President Erdoğan’s speech, the opening of the completed investments started.

Erdogan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure in Midyat, where he was connected via teleconference from the square. Adil Karaismailoğlu and the citizens of Midyat City Crossing and Connection Roads and Midyat-Nusaybin Road.

Stating that the road is civilization, Erdogan said, “How would we be without these roads? The AK Party builds roads, the AK Party takes water to waterless places, it builds viaducts, bridges, airports.” said.

President Erdoğan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources in Ömerli for the natural gas delivery ceremony in Mardin’s Ömerli and Dargeçit districts. Fatih Donmez and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry for “Mardin Derik Plain Irrigation” with the protocol of the districts. Eternally hiddenBy connecting to .

Erdogan also Artuklu District Gendarme The opening of the service building of the Command was also held by teleconference. Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu and with his companions.

President Erdoğan made the collective opening of the works and projects that were completed later by cutting ribbons.


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