President Erdoğan spoke at the Silivri Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility Capacity Increase Ceremony: (2)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, TurkeyStating that they aim to transform Turkey into a global center where the natural gas reference price is determined as soon as possible, he said, “I had important meetings with my dear friend Mr. Putin on this subject. We have taken our steps, we are taking them. Thus, Thrace will become a hub in natural gas and energy. We carry out our work together with our energy partners in our region.” said.

In his speech at the Silivri Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility Capacity Increase Ceremony, Erdoğan said that they are constantly expanding the economy with huge investments that some people insistently try to trivialize.

Emphasizing that they reflect this growth to the lives of all 85 million people through current account surplus by supporting investment, employment, production and exports, Erdoğan said that they fortified their struggle against the political, social and economic attacks they have been exposed to in the recent period by making their economic program stronger and more determined.

Pointing out that energy, which is one of the main elements of development, is always the priority of infrastructure projects, Erdoğan said:

“Today, Turkey is the country with the 17th largest energy supply in the world with the energy services it provides to its citizens and industry. We have 160 million tons of oil equivalent energy supply, which we use about a quarter of it in housing, a quarter of it in industry, a quarter of it in the energy sector itself, and a fifth in transportation. The financial value of this, which will approach 51 billion dollars in 2021, will reach 81 billion dollars this year. Although we have brought our domestic and renewable installed power to 65 percent, we still have a serious foreign dependency in energy. However, especially in natural gas, both residences, industry and electricity production It is not possible for us to raise our country to the level of development we desire without meeting the needs of its facilities.

President Erdogan, Turkey-Azerbaijan- Turkmenistan Reminding that he went to Turkmenistan to attend the Tripartite Summit of Heads of State, he said, “Now, we had our meetings to carry out both natural gas and energy transfer from Turkmenistan to our country. We held a tripartite summit, and as Turkey-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan, we showed our determination between us after a successful summit. ” made its assessment.

Stating that they have expanded the natural gas used in 57 settlements in only 5 provinces to 703 settlements in 81 provinces when they came to the government, Erdoğan said that they have thus provided natural gas to nearly 85 percent of the population.

President Erdoğan, thanks to their efforts in establishing the world’s largest drilling fleet, Black SeaReminding that they made the discovery of the country’s largest natural gas reserve of 540 billion cubic meters in . “We are both making new drillings and re-checking the old wells and bringing them into production. Hopefully, we will increase our daily oil production to 100 thousand barrels as soon as possible, and then we will continue on our way for larger explorations and productions.” he said.

“We will rise to a whole new level in the field of energy”

Noting that another result of all these developments is Turkey’s transformation into one of the world’s leading energy trade centers with its 7 natural gas pipelines, 4 LNG facilities, two of which are floating, 15 entry points and other advantages, President Erdoğan said:

“With the Turkish Stream Project Bulgaria, GreeceNorth Macedonia, RomaniaBosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia ve HungaryWe provide gas flow to . Today, we delivered 18.5 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe through the TANAP Project. Our LNG investments and gas storage facilities are developments that have positive effects on our energy trade as well as ensuring the supply of our country. When we put our LNG facility in Saros into service, we will come to a much stronger position in this area. Our aim is to transform our country into a global center where the natural gas reference price is determined as soon as possible. We had important meetings with my dear friend Mr. Putin on this subject. We have taken our steps, we are taking them. and thus, especially Thrace will become a hub in natural gas and energy. We are working on this issue together with our energy partners in our region. When we add Nuclear Power Energy, which still has a total investment of 20 billion dollars, to this table, we will rise to a completely different level in the field of energy.”

President Erdogan, Middle Asia ve MediterrenianUnderlining that this feature of Turkey will be further strengthened after the new developments in Turkey, he said, “Turkey’s Libya Behind the inconveniences caused by the agreement he made with the company is that every investment in the energy field has a depth of half a century, a century. We are making great efforts to expand our political and diplomatic relations on the basis of common economic interests, and to achieve new gains in energy along with other fields. We determine our strategies and steps by taking into account the effects of each investment made and each achievement in this field, which will continue for generations. Undoubtedly, we have come to this point, with the strong support we receive from our nation, beyond our efforts to prevent our country’s breakthroughs,” he said.

“We will march towards our goals in a more determined and strong manner in the coming period”

Stating that they are well aware of the calculations and tools behind the efforts made to sabotage their every project, Erdoğan stated that they are aware of which lobbies are working on the mines laid in front of them with excuses such as environmentalism. Pointing out that there are some difficulties that they still cannot overcome, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“But the level we have reached has not only brought us closer to our 2023 goals, but also provided us with the opportunity we need for the vision of Turkey. I hope we will walk more determinedly and strongly towards our goals in the coming period. We will increase our energy vision, our foreign dependency in primary resources from 71 percent to 13 percent in 2053 We set our targets accordingly, we plan our investments accordingly. All global agreements, especially the efforts to combat climate change, are also included in this vision. By bringing Turkey together with new projects, new investments, new excitements and new joys, we are among the top 10 countries in the world. We will move forward step by step to the place we deserve.”

President Erdoğan said: “Those who dealt with us yesterday are coming to our door for cooperation today. We are sure that those who are still dealing with us today will need our friendship tomorrow. We will always maintain our principled, fair, just and compassionate stance, inspired by our civilization and history, regardless of the shortcomings of anyone. We believe in the account on it. Turkey Century“We will continue to prepare for it,” he said.

Erdoğan wished the Silivri Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility Capacity Increase Phase, which they opened, to be beneficial and congratulated those who contributed.

The ceremony was attended by President Erdoğan, as well as the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. Fatih Donmez, BOTAŞ General Manager Burhan Özcan and many citizens attended. During the ceremony, a 1-minute video about the facility was shown.

After President Erdoğan’s speech, the opening ribbon was cut and a souvenir photo was taken.

After the ceremony, Minister Dönmez and BOTAŞ General Manager Özcan made a presentation about the facility to President Erdoğan.


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