President Seçer Attended the Gala of the Müsiad General Assembly

Myrtle Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Selectsattended the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) Mersin Branch Ordinary General Assembly Gala and met with business people. Speaking in the program, Mayor Seçer talked about the investments that the Metropolitan has brought to the city and emphasized that the Metro Project is a project that will add value to the city. President Seçer said, “No matter how large a resource is transferred to the local administrator, if he finds suitable financing, if he makes smart investments without wasting, he will bring his city to incredible points. We are at this point right now. I want support for Metro. Metro is a project that will add value to this city. Politics Let’s not waste time for it. Let’s all contribute to this investment for the future of Mersin.”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer attended the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) Mersin Branch Ordinary General Assembly Gala. In addition to President Vahap Seçer, Old Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi ElvanGovernor of Mersin Ali Hamza WrestlerMUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmalı, Mersin Deputies, district mayors and city protocol attended.

Speaking at the program where the new board of directors of MUSIAD was determined, President Seçer stated that he was happy to be together with the business world and said that Mersin is a city that grows with the business world. In the history of the city, the main texture is trade, port and world trade, therefore Mersin TurkeyStating that there are people coming from Turkey and from different parts of the world to work, President Seçer said, “No one leaves their place of birth, homeland, or hometown and comes to another city with their children. But everyone has come to Mersin. from Anatolia, Black Sea‘the, EgeFrom Thrace… From everywhere. He is welcome, he has come to enjoyment, I am glad he has come, it has become a colorful city,” he said.


Stating that the population is increasing in Mersin and that he is not disturbed by this situation, President Seçer pointed out that there must be positive developments for the increase of the population, and said, “There are positive investments. We are all aware of this and we are very happy to live in a city with high energy and abundance. “I consider myself a happy mayor. I am the mayor of such an exceptional city. I believe that Mersin has not been discovered. If this is the undiscovered state of Mersin, believe me, it would be enormous,” he said.

Stating that he cares about such meetings because he came together with the business world that steers the economy, President Seçer said, “You are our benefactor, because the shares deducted from the taxes collected from you come as the revenues of the municipality. The more taxes, the more local investments in Mersin, the more taxes the more central government. “Of course, if we know what we want, the more investments will come,” he said.


Reminding that he faced a heavy debt burden when he took office, President Seçer said:

“But if I tell you the point we’ve reached now, it wouldn’t be convincing. We have a budget of approximately 15.5 billion TL, including all subsidiaries and affiliates. In order to realize this budget, approximately 13-14 billion TL will be an income. This is our forecast. Okay. “What is our debt? 3 billion 750 million TL, all of them included. There were also small borrowings during this period. I look at the budget I came to now, I look at my income at that time, I look at the debt I took over, I came there is a debt of 3 billion TL in total. What is the income of this municipality? From there.” All of the money that came to us from here is 2 billion 250 million TL in 2019. You did not hear it wrong, there is a revenue of 2 billion 250 million TL. There is a 2019 budget income realized, there is a debt of 3 billion TL at the beginning of that year. But today, as we enter 2023, I say I have a budget of 5 billion TL. My income budget to be realized is 13-14 billion TL. Don’t be misled because it is on TL basis. If you hit the dollar basis, our debt of 320 million dollars has decreased.”

Emphasizing that the Metropolitan Municipality is a municipality with good financial discipline, Mayor Seçer said,“Where did this come from? “There is a very, very solid financial discipline. You are still maintaining so many bridges, crossroads, roads, and care for the poor and strange people from this budget,” he said.

Former Minister of Treasury and Finance Lütfi ElvanPresident Vahap Seçer, who also thanked President Vahap Seçer, said, “I will definitely draw you a local vision as your President responsible for local administrations. A little later, Mr. Minister will take the floor and evaluate the Turkish economy. We also meet our very valuable minister from the parliament, we had a lot of work. “I saw him here. I would like to thank him in your presence here. He is a person with a separate law,” he said.

METRO IS A PROJECT THAT WILL ADD VALUE TO THIS CITY. “Let’s not waste time for politics”

Continuing his speech Mersin Metropolitan Municipality President Seçer talked about the investments they have made as a company and said, “We are making such investments. Our investments are good, not bad, not enough. No matter how big a resource is transferred to the local administrator, if he finds suitable financing, if he makes smart investments without wasting, he will bring his city to incredible points. “We are at this point right now. I want support for the metro, I gave the numbers. Metro is a project that will add value to this city. Let’s not waste time for politics. Let’s all contribute to this investment for the future of Mersin,” he said.


Reminding that the metro project was included in the investment program in 2019, Mayor Seçer said, “Mr. Minister took care of himself when he was the Chairman of the Planning and Budget Commission and made important contributions to our municipality in this regard. Why; because AK PartyCHP, MHP GOOD Party Our problem is not the issue of other political parties. Our problem is Mersin. Our common denominator is Mersin. We want to invest more. We want to make this investment so that Mersin becomes a more livable city, a developing city, a world city, and to be recognized. It is obvious that the central government should also make significant contributions here. Not done? It’s done. There are some missing parts, we all know,” he said.


It is stated that these investments will add great value to the city, especially the airport, especially in Çeşme. Tasucu Underlining that it is very important to make the highway or ring road highway connection, President Seçer continued as follows:

“Taşucu is becoming a different logistics center. If you think about it, these are very important. There is a mistake we made, I will say it. We could not prepare our city for the next 10 years, 20 years. However, we have to prepare. Hani Some voices come, ‘Metro, is it necessary to invest that much?’ like. For now, perhaps it is indeed debatable. At least we can say ‘What if it doesn’t happen, after 2-3 years’, but after 5 years we are sad to say ‘Why didn’t we do it?'”

Mayor Seçer said that the urban population is increasing rapidly and that is why local governments should do infrastructure works, and pointed out that municipalities cannot do this with their own resources, and that the central government should show the necessary support. President Seçer said, “This is a warning. No municipality can and cannot do this with their own budgets and resources. These are important investments. Here is a nuclear power plant. A big infrastructure problem started there. Because there was a population attack, a population explosion occurred. If it had been programmed years ago and started to be realized without laying the foundation of the ratio, we would not have these problems today,” he said.


Adding that they have solved the zoning problem of Mersin city center that has not been resolved for years, Mayor Seçer said, “We have solved the zoning problem of the center that we could not solve for 20 years. Mezitli‘nin de New city‘in the TaurusWe also solved it. Mediterrenian important place, you all want it. There is no place to establish an industrial facility, there is no place to establish a logistics facility, we need energy storage areas, there is no place. We accepted all of their master plans in the Metropolitan Assembly. At this time many of the implementation plans were made. The 1/1000 units and the construction work are continuing rapidly,” he said.


Addressing the politicians at the end of his speech, President Seçer continued his words as follows:

“If it’s about doing politics, knowing how to do politics, I Ankara I came from politics to local politics. However, I saw this; Political discourses, politically created chaos and tension do the most damage to the city. Nothing happens to the politician. Today it’s me, tomorrow another friend will come. or a deputy will serve today, another friend will come in another term. I always make these evaluations for my city with all sincerity. Please, let’s keep ourselves free from political discourses and thoughts on issues that concern the interests of the local.”


President Seçer thanked former MUSIAD Mersin Branch President Serdar Yıldızgörer for his work, and the new President Mehmet Sait Kayanto , “Our young friend, bright and energetic Mehmet Knows My Kayan brother took over this task. In his presence, I wish success to all the members of the board of directors. Your president is always here, always open to cooperation. I would like to give this note to you,” he wished success.

Speaking at the program, former Minister of Treasury and Finance Lütfi Elvan wished success to the new administration and pointed out that business people play an important role in the development of the country. Elvan said, “Mersin is a city that has made an incredible contribution to the development and development of our country with its trade, strategy and logistics.”

Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan stated that he follows the investments in the city closely and said, “We are trying to be in close contact with all our sectors.”

MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmalı wished the general assembly and the new administration to be beneficial and said, “MUSIAD gives added value to the Turkish economy and prioritizes the development of different cooperations abroad and will continue to work for this purpose.”

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) Speaker of the Assembly Hamid İzol He also said, “We all exist for Mersin. If Mersin exists, we exist. As long as we maintain our unity and solidarity, our city and country will rise.”

Mehmet Sait Kayan, President of MUSIAD Mersin Branch, who was elected to the management,He said, “We should aim for higher levels in production, employment and exports for business people to work harder. We will try to contribute to the production power of our members during our tenure,” and stated that they will carry the flag they have taken over even further.

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