Radical decision from Haluk Levent, founder of Ahbap: He changed his name

BuddyHaluk Levent, the founder and charity volunteer of , changed the name of his account and is now Ahbaplarannounced the management of. Since the first day of the earthquake BuddyLevent, who was trying to deliver aid to the citizens who were damaged by the earthquake by coordinating the .

Account name changed!

Haluk Levent with 8.2 million followers He changed the name of his account to ‘Haluk Levent Ahbapları’.

Haluk Levent Why did you make such a change? 2 tweetexplained with:

1) I don’t know who established a team. BuddyThey decided to spread and publish everything old in order to wear down . I also made a decision. I will continue my work. And this page will be run by the Dudes. I cannot deal with these enemies of the people because our business is stalled.

2) No matter what anyone does or writes, there will be no reply from this page anymore. We aim to concentrate only on our work and present your donations with good projects. earthquake wounds For your information, I will respond collectively to the earth representatives of the devil after I hug them.

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