Reactions continue to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ visit to Western Thrace

Greece Prime Minister Kiryakos Miçotakisin, 13-14 Ocak’ta West ThraceReactions to his visit to

Party for Change Movement (KINAL) Xanthi Deputy Burhan Baran said that Mitsotakis avoided mentioning issues that closely concern the minority, such as education, and that the government remained inadequate for four years on what should be done for the region.

Pointing out that the high unemployment rate in the region has led especially the young population to migrate to other countries, Baran criticized the government for not keeping its promises for the development of the region.

In the statement made by the main opposition party Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA), “Mitsotakis MericInstead of acting as a guarantor of national and announcing his candidacy, we expect him to explain why he is listening to the entire leadership of the armed forces,” the statement said.

In a statement made by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Alexandroupoli While it was stated that the port was not privatized to “provide better service” to the USA and NATO, it was stated that “the port, railway and road in the region have been put at the disposal of NATO butchers”.

In the statement, regarding the minority, Mitsotakis said that “especially the young population is middle and North Europe It was noted that they tried to hide the poverty and unemployment that drove them to go to their countries.

Mitsotakis’ two-day visit to Western Thrace provoked the reaction of the Friendship Equality Peace Party (DEB).

In the statement made by the DEB, Mitsotakis said, KomotiniIn his address to the public in , it was stated that he did not use any tangible expression about the current problems of the Turkish minority in Western Thrace.

Emphasizing that the Turkish Muslim minority of Western Thrace does not have a problem with living in harmony under the Greek and European flag, the following was noted:

“The minority has problems with not getting the reward for this great patience they have shown, ignoring all these problems and not being addressed. We, like the Prime Minister, invite Europeans to our region to see the persecution inflicted on us closely.”

Son Dika Current Reactions continue to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ visit to Western Thrace – Last Minute

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