Real estate sales increased in Kırklareli and Edirne after Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes

Described as “the disaster of the century” on February 6, Kahramanmaras possible after earthquakes İstanbul earthquake anxiety, Edirne ve KirklareliThis led to an increase in real estate sales.

The people of Istanbul, frightened by the recent earthquakes, turned to search for alternatives. Demand for Edirne and Kırklareli increased due to its distance from the fault line and close proximity to Istanbul. Many citizens living in Istanbul started to buy or rent land and houses from Edirne and Kırklareli. on the fault line Tekirdag was not preferred.

“Real estate prices increased in Kırklareli”

Kirklareli University Science Literature Faculty Member of Sociology Department Assoc. Dr. Adam Baspinartold AA correspondent that socially it is a reasonable justification for people to go to safe areas after disasters.

Stating that the recent earthquakes and the earthquake expectation triggered the migration from Istanbul, Başpınar noted that there was human mobility to the safe areas.

Başpınar emphasized that Kırklareli, which is considered among the safe places in the geography close to Istanbul, and the center and north of Edirne are seen attractive in this sense.

Underlining that posts such as “There will be an earthquake in Istanbul” on social media increase people’s motivation to migrate, Başpınar said, “People are searching.Earthquake Various lists began to be shared as ‘cities without risk’. This includes the provinces of Thrace. As people see these, they make some attempts to make use of that opportunity this time. Regarding this, real estate prices in Kırklareli have increased by 20 and 25 percent since the earthquake,” he said.

“Migration is seen as a risk-reducing measure”

Başpınar emphasized that the interest in these buildings has increased significantly because TOKİ houses are safe.

Stating that it is seen that people make more efforts to reduce risks compared to the past, Başpınar said, “Before the modern period, risks were accepted, it was thought that they could not be prevented or prevented, but in the modern period there are ideas for eliminating risks or reducing their effects. Migration is seen as a risk-reducing measure. Here, certain cities will inevitably come to the fore.” he said.

Başpınar stated that the socio-economic conditions will change in the provinces receiving immigration and emphasized that the situation in Kırklareli and Edirne, which have elderly populations, may change in this sense.

“Immigration started after the earthquake”

Soner Ilık, President of Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that migration mobility increased in Kırklareli after the earthquakes.

Expressing that Kırklareli is seen as safer than other provinces because it is outside the earthquake zone, Ilık said, “I learned that sales have increased in line with the information I received from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. There are those who call us from the surrounding and certain parts of our country, and those who ask for land and apartments for sale. A migration towards our region has begun. We observe a movement that has not been seen in the past. In the last 20 days, houses and lands have been sold to approximately 2 thousand people from Istanbul who want to settle in our city.” he said.

Stating that they observed an increased interest of investors in the Organized Industrial Zone, Ilık said that new applications for investment were received.

“There is another wave of immigration to Edirne”

Edirne Chamber of Commerce President Sezai Irmak stated that migration to safe cities has started from earthquake-prone provinces, especially from earthquake zones.

Irmak, who stated that apart from the approximately 5 thousand people who came to Edirne from the earthquake zone, migrated especially from Istanbul, “There is another wave of migration to Edirne. They come because they see it as safe. Our Edirne is the backyard of Istanbul. It is in the fourth earthquake belt. “Because we are very safe, the ground is solid. I sincerely hope that our population will increase to 300 thousand. Commercial potential and movement will increase.” said.

Irmak added that with the commissioning of the high-speed train, which will be completed next year, those who settled in Edirne may prefer to go to their work in Istanbul in the morning and come in the evening.

“İstanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli There are citizens who migrated from provinces such as

Edirne Real Estate Agents Association President Serhat Çeker, especially after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Marmara RegionHe stated that there was an intense wave of migration from Edirne to Edirne.

Referring to the fact that citizens from cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli are looking for land where they can build a detached house in Edirne, Çeker said that they prefer Edirne, which they see as safer, because they are afraid of a possible Istanbul earthquake.

Explaining that they experienced a noticeable increase in land sales to Edirne after the earthquake, Çeker said, “After the earthquake, approximately 300 plots and flats were sold from the Marmara region, especially from Istanbul.” said.

Explaining that the prices have increased due to the demand for houses and especially for the land, Çeker said, “People have doubled the price of 1, tripled, quadrupled, in line with their interests. This is a very wrong understanding. Everything has a value, it should be counted over that value. ” said.

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