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CHP Edirne Deputy Assoc. Dr. Okan Gaytancıoğlu asked Vice President Fuat Oktay about the tents of Kızılay. Presenting a parliamentary question on the subject, Assoc. Dr. Reminding that the Red Crescent was among the most discussed institutions after the earthquakes on February 6, Gaytancıoğlu said, “Do you have winter tents in your stocks, which were once included in the inventory of Kızılay? If yes, how many of them were sent to earthquake zones? posed the question.

Reminding that the parliamentary questions regarding Kızılay were left unanswered by other MPs in the parliamentary question, Assoc. Dr. Gaytancıoğlu said, “They think they can hide their crimes by being silent. Because of their love of creating beneficiaries for their supporters, they have rendered many of our distinguished institutions inoperable. Fancy words, cool clothes, image studies, media manipulations, and as a result, a collapse that cannot be concealed at the point we have reached. A collapse that caused the death of thousands of our citizens. We will save our country from this collapse in the next election, and we will get our state back on its feet with its institutions.” said.

Republican People’s Party Edirne Deputy Assoc. Dr. Okan Gaytancıoğlu asked the following questions in his motion:
1.) According to the news reflected in the newspapers, the questions regarding the Red Crescent, which were requested to be answered by you, remained unanswered. What is the reason of this? How many of the parliamentary questions you received regarding the Red Crescent were answered?
2.) How many tents were in the stocks of Kızılay before the earthquakes?
3.) How many of these tents were suitable for use in winter conditions?
4.) What is the amount of tents sent to the earthquake zones by the Red Crescent?
5.) Do you have winter (polar) tents that were once in your inventory in stock? If yes, how many of them were sent to earthquake zones?
6.) Which tent producing facilities of Kızılay are in operation? And what is their daily production capacity?
7.) What is the monthly rent paid by the Red Crescent for the place it rented as the President’s Office?
8.) What is the total amount of money Red Crescent paid for the real estate leased in 2022?
9.) What is the sum of the salaries and other payments paid to the President and Board Members of the Red Crescent in 2022?

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