Red meat producers expect ESK to intervene in prices

Turkey Red Meat Producers Central Union President Bülent Tunç said that they expect the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK) to intervene in the market for the rising red meat prices in the last two months.

Tunç made assessments about the rising red meat prices and SAT-2 serotype foot-and-mouth disease for the last two months to the AA correspondent.

Tunç stated that the breeders were disturbed by the increase in input costs and the slaughter prices that did not increase at the same rate for about 4 years, and said that the producer did not replace the animal they sold. Tunç said, “Because the livestock were damaged, they could not keep animals. With the new year, prices started to increase. Also, this increase accelerated after the earthquakes. Price increases have nothing to do with the earthquake. made its assessment.

Stating that measures should be taken to prevent the increase in red meat prices, Tunç said that they expect the IHC to intervene in the market. Tunç said, “ESK imported livestock or carcass meat can be brought in. We are not against this. If young fattening animals come, the big animals will come out of the barn. The animals will be younger and have a positive effect on the market. The IHC’s imported animal or carcass meat intervention will reduce red meat prices “Maybe he can lower it a little bit.” used the phrases.

Tunç pointed out that large livestock enterprises somehow continue to exist, and said that if livestock is brought in, giving them to small enterprises would be more beneficial for increasing livestock and sustainability.

Pointing out that the consumption of red meat increases during Ramadan, Tunç said, “If there is no intervention, prices may continue to increase. This prevents the citizens from reaching red meat. We want the prices to be reasonable and everyone in the country to benefit from this protein source. We should intervene as soon as possible so that there is no problem in accessing red meat during Ramadan. ” said.

Urgent action should be taken for foot-and-mouth disease”

Tunç stated that the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease caused great damage to both the country and the sector, and said:

“FMD is no longer a common disease in the world. There is a controlled region in Thrace in our country, and foot and mouth disease has not been encountered here for about 10 years. Precautions should be taken at the border entrances and exits of animals to prevent foot-and-mouth disease. In addition, animals to be sacrificed should be sent to other provinces. Checks should be made by taking blood tests. If measures are taken quickly and the spread of foot and mouth disease cannot be prevented, the monetary loss will be very high.”

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