Redmi K60 series has been tested in Turkey! [Peri bacaları ve Osmanlı macunu ayrıntılı]

The Chinese company and its sub-company continue to make significant breakthroughs in price-performance, especially in our country. The company, which appeals to a wide audience with its affordable models, is preparing to introduce a new model that it has personally tested in Turkey.

Being tested in Turkey

K60, the new smartphone series tested by in our country, was introduced recently. While these models are complemented by their more performant siblings, the devices continue to remain in the feature and price band that will appeal to all segments. (At least unless the dollar goes up).

As we mentioned above, the Chinese company tested the device in Turkey. The testing team tested the performance of the devices in various parts of Turkey and took pictures. Judging by the camera samples of the devices tested in Istanbul and Nevşehir, it seems to please its users in taking pictures.

The images below were taken from Istanbul and some other cities.

The device that Redmi tested in Turkey is coming!

Redmi K60 series has been tested in Turkey! [Peri bacaları ve Osmanlı macunu ayrıntılı] - Picture : 2

It was announced that the K60 series, which was first offered for sale in China, sold more than 300 thousand in 5 minutes. There are 3 models in the series; K60, K60 Pro and Redmi K60E. In the Pro model, the IMX 800 lens has done well.

The company, which has not officially introduced the POCO F4 in Turkey, will continue the series with the POCO F5 model. We will all see if will be able to return to its old days with these devices.

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