Renaissance Residence contractor’s statement revealed

in earthquake Many buildings were destroyed, and a significant part of them became salt ice. However, one of the most talked about buildings Renaissance Residence was coming. Mehmet Yaşar Coşkun, the contractor of the destroyed 16-storey apartment building, was caught trying to escape abroad with a significant amount of money he had taken with him. The first statement of Mehmet Yaşar Coşkun, who was detained after the building, which was sold as a corner of paradise, was destroyed.

Renaissance Residence contractor’s statement revealed

According to the details that emerged, Coşkun argued that the building was solid, contrary to the image after the earthquake. Coşkun’s expression as follows:

“Renaissance Residence 4 blocks, 249 independent sections and consists of two parks on the ground floor. The building, which started to be built in 2011, was completed in 2013. There were no problems during the two-year construction period, we finished the construction without any accident. The building was in use for 10 years, during this time there was no problem. No fundamental changes were made to the building afterwards, we have fulfilled all the procedures stipulated in the legislation. We had given the reinforced concrete rough construction to Istanbul-based Yapı İnşaat. As far as I remember, this company also had two partners.”

“Your Renaissance Residence why was it destroyed I don’t know either. The ground survey of the Renaissance Residence was done and it was in good condition. All licenses were obtained, necessary samples were taken on site by both the municipality and the building inspection company, necessary examinations were made, and controls were provided. There were no problems at this stage. We even photographed and videotaped its construction step by step while we were building the Renaissance Residence.”

“These are computers I think it is registered. If I can, I will submit it later. There is only one thing that comes to my mind about Renaissance Residence; I think that the wavelength of the earthquake is different from all the earthquakes that have ever happened. In addition, since the earthquake is very close to the earth, a few kilometers away. destroyed it could be. Two earthquakes occurred in a row on February 6th. The second earthquake, the epicenter of which was Elbistan, was a more severe earthquake. I am not an earthquake expert, these are my guesses based on what I am saying.”

“It just lay on its side. procedural and scientific Buildings that were not built properly after the earthquake were shattered and collapsed. Our building just tilted. There was no crash. Despite such a big earthquake and tilting, the building did not fall apart and its main skeleton remained intact. This shows that the building was built solidly. At this stage, I want to be tried pending trial.”

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