Report card ceremony held at schools in Thrace

Students in Thrace entered the semester break after the report card ceremony held at the schools.

EdirneGovernor at the ceremony held at Fevzipaşa Primary School in Kursat Kirbiyikvisited the classrooms and got information from the teachers about the situation of the students.

Afterwards, Kırbıyık distributed report cards and made recommendations with the students.

Carrying out the opening of the “English Street” created at the school with teachers and students, Kırbıyık congratulated those who contributed.

Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Kırbıyık said that 57,330 students in 290 schools across the province received report cards.

Stating that they shared the excitement of the students at Fevzipaşa Primary School, Kırbıyık said, “We especially chose our first graders. Our first graders receive their first report cards in their lives. I hope they will reach the points they hoped for in life with such successful and beautiful report cards in the next academic year.” said.

Kırbıyık, teachers, school administrators and National Education Directorate He also thanked his staff for their hard work.

Recommending the students to make good use of the semester break, Kırbıyık said:

“A good rest, a good vacation period. At the same time Sport I think it is a good opportunity for them to do and have fun. I advise them to read a lot of books individually and as an older brother. Because we are living in a process where it is very important to be able to express themselves in life and to understand what they read in the new academic process. In this process, we see that students who read a lot of books are much more successful. I recommend them to spend this period in a good way and read a lot of books.”

Kırbıyık stated that the semester break is important in terms of seeing the shortcomings of the students who will take the exam.

Stating that parents should also spend more time with their children in the interim period, Kırbıyık said, “It is a period when they can do much more activities with their children, spend time together, take trips and participate in sports activities. I hope our children will have a more positive and more motivated atmosphere at the beginning of the second term with the influence of their families. I hope that we will come to school in the best way and finish the 2022-2023 academic year in the best way.” said.

Deputy Governor Sıdkı Zehin, Provincial Director of National Education Önder Arpacı, branch managers and teachers attended the ceremony.


A ceremony was held at Mustafa Dalcalı Primary School in Kırklareli.

Governor visiting the classrooms Birol Ekici with the Director of National Education Huseyin Kalkanhanded out their certificates to the students.

Governor Ekici stated that 53 thousand 372 students throughout the province experienced the excitement of report cards.

Ekici said that Kırklareli has reached 99 percent in the schooling of children.Turkey We are above average. We have schooled almost all of our children. We put a lot of effort into this this year. We did not leave school without a library. We gave daily meals to our 4 thousand disadvantaged children. In the second term, we will increase the number of these to 8 thousand,” he said.

Governor Ekici then took a souvenir photo with the students.


209 thousand 976 students studying at preschool, primary school, secondary school and high school in Tekirdağ went on vacation.

Vali Aziz Yildirim, Corlu He handed out report cards to the students at Martyr Hamza Çavuş Primary School in his district.

Later, Governor Yıldırım gave various gifts to the students.

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