Resistance day of Western Thrace Turks: 29 January

West Thrace The day of resistance of the Turks: January 29

Western Thrace Turks marched with flags in their hands, giving the message “We have not forgotten January 29”

KOCAELİ – On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the resistance of the Western Thrace Turks on January 29, 1988. KocaeliThe program was organized in Western Thrace Turks marching with flags and members of the protocol gave the message “We have not forgotten January 29”.

Western Thrace Turks, to whom the Greek government implemented policies of intimidation and discrimination, started a struggle for rights on January 29, 1988, and announced to the whole world that they were Turkish and did not want to be treated as second-class citizens. A memorial program was held in Kocaeli for the 35th anniversary of the resistance. Martyrs were commemorated in the program held at Antikkapı Wedding Hall. The President of Xanthi Turkish Union, Ozan Ahmetoğlu, talked about the problems experienced by the Western Thrace Turks with a presentation.

Büyükakın: “We should never forget this”

Speaking at the program, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Buyukakin“Our adventure is full of countless examples of such stories. There are the same stories everywhere. Today we only heard one. When we forget this, we leave both those lands and these lands. The defense of these lands begins in Bosnia, Xanthi, Mosul’ also begins, KirkukIt starts at. We should never forget this. We should never let the younger generations forget. We were able to survive in this spirit when our country was invaded. We were able to survive thanks to the children of the country who did not blink. Thanks to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this land without hesitation, we were able to survive thanks to the veterans.”

Küçük: “We will continue our existence forever”

Chairman of the Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association Hasan Kucuk, GreeceHe stated that forcing immigration, assimilation policies and systematic pressures applied by . Stating that the hardness of these pressures reached the upper level after 1983, Küçük said, “North Cyprus Following the establishment of the Turkish Republic, the Greeks, who wanted to take revenge, were billed to the Turks of Western Thrace. In 1983, decisions were made by the official authorities regarding the closure of non-governmental organizations with the word ‘Turkish’ in their names, unfortunately, the cases that went to the Greek High Court in the direction of these decisions and as a result of our legal struggle, unfortunately resulted in a very bitter justification. This justification means ‘There are no Turks in Western Thrace’. Whenever the Greek judiciary ignores us, we will continue to exist forever. The leaders of the society came together and decided to hold a protest march at the end of January, stating that this was unacceptable, that they would not bow to these pressures, and that the identity of the existing Turkish minority would not be denied. As a result of this decision, on January 29, despite all the pressures, despite all the obstacles, more than 20 thousand Western Thrace Turks Komotini They shouted, “We are Turks, we exist in Western Thrace, we live in Western Thrace.”

“Unfortunately, Turkish blood has been shed”

Noting that he took an upright posture on January 29, 1988, Küçük said, “While we were describing January 29, a commemoration ceremony was wanted to be held two years after the struggle for existence of an upright posture rose in 1988, a mawlid was wanted to be recited, but the Greek press and church administration and the Turks attacked. “As a result of these events, Turkish shops were looted and plundered, Turks were injured and unfortunately Turkish blood was shed. Western Thrace Turks experienced the worst atrocities in Komotini,” he said.

Participants exiting the hall after the program, Fevziye Cami He marched to the National Identity and Resistance Monument behind him. Western Thrace Turks and protocol members, who do not mind the cold, left carnations after walking with their flags.

Son Dika Local Resistance day of Western Thrace Turks: 29 January – Last Minute

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