Rival rockets and satellites for Elon Musk are coming from China!

China has stated many times before that Space X does not like the Starlink satellite service. According to new reports, China plans to launch a rival service to provide a new global internet, “suppress” Elon Musk’s network, and perform anti-Starlink missions.

China-US conflict moves into space: Elon Musk again

South China Morning PostHe claimed that China plans to build a massive network of satellites, codenamed GW, in near-Earth orbit, according to . Associate professor at the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) University of Aerospace Engineering in Beijing Xu Can According to a team led by the GW plan, the newly formed China Satellite Network Group Co. He wants 12,992 satellites belonging to Xu and his team to be placed in space.

There are currently more than 3,000 Starlink satellites in low earth orbit. plans to have more than 12,000 satellites by 2027, eventually bringing that number up to 40,000.

Rival rockets and satellites for Elon Musk are coming from China!  - Picture : 1

While there is no mention of when China’s satellites will be launched, Xu and his team said that GW satellites are most likely Starlink It aims to be deployed before completion so that China has a place in low orbit and in space before the Starlink satellites.

Chinese researchers think that satellites can be placed in orbits that Starlink has not yet reached, saying that they will “gain opportunity and advantage at other orbital altitudes, or even suppress Starlink.”

Ren Yuanzhen, a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Monitoring and Telecommunications, said last year that China should develop hard and soft killing methods to destroy Starlink satellites.

In the most recent articles published in China, it was claimed that Starlink’s project could be used for potential military applications.

The researchers aim to directly oppose Starlink with these satellites, which have new technology radars that can better track and identify China’s Starlink satellites.

Developments that could justify China’s concern about the weaponization of Starlink took place in Ukraine most recently, demonstrating how justified China’s concerns were.

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