Samsung can’t get enough of records! He left IBM behind, here’s why…

2022 Accelerating its patent work in 2018, succeeded in leaving IBM behind.

Patents record

Electronics filed 8,513 utility patents in the US in 2022, which is close to the previous year. IBM compared to the previous year. 44 percent drop with 4,743 pieces dropped to second place with patents.

Reducing the number of patent applications in 2020, IBM announced that they earned about $ 27 billion in intellectual property from 1996 to 2022. head of research at IBM Dario Gil, “We have decided to no longer pursue digital patent leadership, remain an intellectual property powerhouse, and continue to have one of the world’s strongest portfolios as our priority,” he said.

IBMIt is known to shift its focus to hybrid cloud computing, artificial intelligence chips, cybersecurity and quantum. 8,000 each yearPublishing more than 1,000 new patents, comes up with patents focused on imaging systems and voice communication.

, USAIt is the third company with the highest number of patent applications in Turkey. The company, which is close to IBM’s number of patents, filed 5 percent more patent applications than last year.

In fourth place is the automobile company. Toyota is located. The number of patents, which increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year, Toyota’confirms the importance given to R&D studies by

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