Savings and nature intertwined!

The year 2022 has experienced one of the most difficult energy crises ever for the European continent. Regardless, renewable energy solutions can overcome this crisis to some extent.

Use nature for nature

Last year saw a remarkable increase in the use of wind and solar energy in the European Union. A new report from Ember, the UK-based energy company that uses “data-driven insights” to spur the transition from coal to clean electricity, shows the EU has successfully weathered the energy crisis also triggered by Vladimir Putin’s war of occupation against Ukraine.

According to Ember’s report In 2022, energy generated from wind and solar power plants accounts for 22% of Europe’s total electricity bill. For the first time in the history of the continent, it has surpassed natural gas in renewable resources. This had been one of the main reasons for the unprecedented conflict between Europe and Russia.

Solar and Wind energy saved Europe!

After the Ukraine invasion, the EU and other Western countries tried to put significant economic pressure on the Kremlin by gradually imposing tougher sanctions against Russia. In response, Moscow authorities cut off the flow of natural gas to its main customer, Europe. This triggered a significant acceleration in the transition of energy to renewable sources.

According to Ember’s report, solar power generation increased by a record 39 TWh (or +24%) in 2022. Solar panel systems, on the other hand, increased 47% to 41 GW. Ember20 EU countries “highest ever share of solar electricityIn addition, the leading country in the transition to the sun was the Netherlands.

How do you respond to the increase in natural energy resources in the European continent?

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