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The Secret Garden, which has been operating for a year in Dereköy, which gives its name to Kırklareli’s only border gate opening to Bulgaria, is perfect for those who want to spend time in isolation right on the edge of the oak forest, away from the noise and stress of the city. Everything you will eat in the place, which makes a name for itself with its breakfast and dried beans made in earthen pots, is produced in this village and passed by the Tarlacı family.

The place, run by Tansel Tarlacı, who returned to her village and opened the Secret Garden after working in various hotels and tourism businesses in Antalya for seven years, is a family business. The Tarlacı family adds tomato and pepper paste, which they make with their own products, to the dried beans they grow in their gardens, using completely natural methods without using any fertilizers or pesticides.

Secret Garden / DEREKOY

Mother Zühre Tarlacı, who does not fry the onion with tomato paste while making the beans that do not need to be soaked, and adds the onion to the beans while the beans are cooking, leaves this unique flavor that she makes in a pottery pot to cook for three to four hours in the wood-fired peçka stove.

In addition to this unique taste, where home-made yogurt, home-made pickles and home-made bread are served alongside dry beans, the place also stands out with its completely natural and self-produced breakfast. The jams they make with great care are ideal as a dessert on top of dried beans. I especially recommend you to try thyme and redbud jam.

Venue Name: Secret Garden

Address: Derekoy / KIRKLARELİ

Telephone: 0288 243 50 51 / 0541 276 60 21

Contact Person: Tansel Tarlaci

Featured Taste: Dry Beans & Breakfast

Orkun AKMAN‘of Trakya Development Agency prepared in June 2019 in cooperation with Kirklareli Flavor Stops It has been moved to our pages with the permission of the author. AKMAN’s contribution to the whole work York on the Road available on the website.


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