Shock! Big hike in bags sold for 25 cents!

Plastic waste to the environment Due to the damage it caused, the bags bought from the markets during shopping were made paid. The main purpose here was to reduce the bags taken and thrown into the environment. This app worked, albeit partially. Because many people no longer want bags when shopping in markets.

This app was originally To life In the last period, some of the 25 kuruş received for the bag was transferred to the seller and some to the state. Afterwards, the entire fee from the bag to take the state started.

Shock! Big hike in bags sold for 25 cents!

Along with the regulation published in the Official Gazette which is 25 cents price of the bag for 38.5 cents rose. Well what does it mean. Let’s explain now.

No longer markets sell per bag They will pay 38.5 cents. However, this amount will not be reflected to the buyers. In other words, we will continue to pay 25 cents for the bags we buy from the market. Since the markets will pay 38.5 cents, 13.5 cents They will have paid the difference out of their own pocket.

This after the hike Whether the markets will ask for money for the bags is another question mark. For given a bag If it is not reflected on the receipt then there will be no problem. So there will be no need to pay any money for the bag. But for each bag reflected on the receipt, the markets are now They will pay 38.5 cents. We hope that this fee will not be fully reflected to the buyers in the upcoming period.

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