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The six-party table (Nation Alliance), formed by CHP, IYI Party, DEVA Party, Future Party, Felicity Party and Democrat Party, shared the Common Policies Consensus Text with the public at an event held in Ankara Congresium Conference Hall.

The Nation Alliance has announced the much awaited Joint Policies Memorandum of Understanding. The text, which was announced at the meeting attended by six political party leaders, includes 9 main headings and over 2,000 articles. This text also has the feature of being the election manifesto of the opposition.

The Common Policies Memorandum of Understanding of the Nation Alliance was announced in Ankara with the participation of 6 leaders. The text with the feature of the election declaration; It contains over 2 thousand new regulations under 9 main headings.

Memorandum of Understanding “Law, Justice and Judiciary”, “Public Administration”, “Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Audit”, “Economy, Finance and Employment”, “, R&D, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation”, “Sectoral Policies” , “Education and Training”, “Social Policies”, “Foreign Policy, Defense, and Migration Policies” were gathered under the titles. The “Common Policies Memorandum of Understanding” booklet prepared before the meeting was distributed to those in the hall. There are 240 pages of main headings, 75 subheadings, and more than 2300 concrete goals.
Some highlights of the Joint Agreement are as follows:
“We will pass to the Strengthened Parliamentary System for a strong, liberal, democratic and fair system in which the separation of powers is established with an effective and participatory legislature, a stable, transparent and accountable executive, an independent and impartial judiciary. We will immediately implement the constitutional and legal changes that need to be made in line with the Strengthened Parliamentary System Consensus.

We will ensure that a general meeting, whose agenda is determined by the opposition, can be opened for at least 20 days in a legislative year. We will redefine the concepts of state secret and trade secret in a way that does not hinder the Parliament’s powers of obtaining information and auditing. We will constitutionally guarantee that the power to withdraw from international conventions rests with the Assembly. We will establish a Final Account Committee in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, whose chairman is elected from among the main opposition deputies.
We will abolish the veto power granted over the laws and give the President only ‘return power’.
We will make arrangements regarding the President to be elected for a term of 7 years, to be dismissed from his party after being elected, and not to return to active politics after his duty.
We will end the emergency decrees and reduce the duration of the state of emergency from six to two months.
We will establish two different boards, the Council of Judges and the Council of Prosecutors.
We will put an end to the multi-bar system.
We will take the necessary measures to meticulously implement the principle of detention as an exception.
We will strengthen the freedom of thought, opinion and expression. We will put an end to the grievances arising from the Emergency Decrees.
We will lower the electoral threshold to 3 percent.
We will make the permission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey obligatory in the filing of lawsuits regarding the closure of political parties.
We will establish a ‘Corruption Investigation Commission’ in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
We will bring the revenues obtained from corruption and smuggled abroad back to our country, and within this framework, we will establish the ‘Asset Recovery Office’.
We will fully comply with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards and remove our country from the ‘grey list’.
We will block the list of tax havens and their use as a money laundering tool.
We will enact the Political Ethics Law, establish a Political Ethics Commission within the Parliament, and organize the establishment of political ethics committees within the political parties that have a group.
We will close the Turkey Wealth Fund. We will abolish the assistant ministers and establish the undersecretariat system. We will put an end to trustee practices that ignore the right to vote and be elected in local governments. We will abolish the boards and offices within the Presidency and transfer their duties and authorities to the relevant ministries and institutions. We will structure the Ministry of Family and Social Services as the Ministry of Women, Family and Children. We will structure the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change as the Ministry of Climate, Environment and Forestry. We will establish the Ministry of Urbanization and Disaster Management. We will separate the Treasury from the Ministry of Finance and structure it as a separate ministry. We will structure the Ministry of Commerce as the Ministry of Tradesmen and Trade. We will establish the Ministry of Information and Innovation. We will establish a Strategy and Planning Organization. We will abolish the Deputy Ministers and establish the undersecretariat system. We will make it possible to appoint more than one undersecretary responsible for certain issues in ministries. We will ensure the administrative and financial independence of the Regulatory and Supervisory institutions and protect them against the interventions of the executive. We will base ourselves on the principles of merit, transparency, impartiality, pluralism, accountability and accessibility in regulatory and supervisory institutions. With the appointments to be made to the institutions, we will ensure that the TGNA is more decisive and effective under the supervision of the institutions. We will prevent those working in regulatory and supervisory institutions from taking part in the boards of directors of organizations in the sectors they regulate. We will change the method of electing members to the Radio and Television Supreme Council in a way that ensures pluralism, and we will ensure the impartiality and autonomy of the board. We will certainly not allow the creation of a manipulation environment in the capital markets that will increase the powers of the CMB. We will establish the Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Alcohol Market Regulatory Board. We will establish the Turkish Sugar Corporation.
Inflation will be permanently lowered to the low single digits in two years.
At the end of five years, we will increase our per capita income in dollars to at least two women.
We will restore prestige and stability to the Turkish lira.
We will reset the extreme poverty that has come to the fore again after 2018.
We will abolish the Financial Stability Committee, which has no functionality and interferes with the independence of the Central Bank and conflicts with authority and responsibility.
We will reduce the number of aircraft used by the Presidency.”
You can reach the Joint Agrement Text at the link below:

Joint Consensus

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