Smuggled goods worth more than 356 million liras were seized at the customs gates of Thrace last year.

Commercial goods worth 356 million 221 thousand 786 liras were seized in 276 incidents during the fight against smuggling at the customs gates in Thrace last year.

Edirne‘of, World Customs Day therefore, Thrace Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Director Nihat Kınık made a statement at the ceremony held in front of the Atatürk Monument. Kınık said that World Customs Day was celebrated this year with the theme “Raising the next generation, promoting knowledge sharing and professional pride in customs”.

Kınık stated that they are working to provide the safest and fastest level of service possible by developing human resources and technological opportunities at the border gates in Thrace.

Ministry of Commerce Kapikule in Edirne, affiliated to the Thrace Regional Directorate of Customs and Foreign Trade, Hamzabeyli, Ipsala and Pazarkule Kirklareliin Derekoy Stating that the customs gates left behind an active year, Kınık said:

“In our administrations affiliated to our regional directorate, 1 million 638 thousand 356 truck vehicles, 3 million 336 thousand 291 passenger vehicles and 13 million 692 thousand 627 passengers were processed in customs vehicles in 2022. Compared to previous years, 15 percent in the number of trucks, 69 percent in the number of vehicles, There was a 71 percent increase in the number of

Kınık emphasized that the personnel working at the customs gates are doing their duty self-sacrificingly.

Expressing that there is an intense struggle against smuggling, Kınık said:

“In 2022, 356 million 221 thousand 786 lira of commercial goods were seized in 276 incidents, and 527 million 819 thousand 253 liras of drugs were seized in total, 884 million 41 thousand 40 liras were seized. You and all customs, who carried our customs gates above world standards with your efforts and self-sacrificing efforts, “I would like to congratulate the World Customs Day of the Turkish community. I would like to thank and respect all our customs personnel for their self-sacrificing efforts to protect our economic borders.”

Son Dika Current Smuggled goods worth more than 356 million liras were seized at the customs gates of Thrace last year – Last Minute

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