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After the solution works carried out before the snowfall that was effective in the region, Çerkezköy Municipality continued its fight against snow with the snow shoveling and salting works it carried out at the critical points of the city center and neighborhoods.

After the warnings from Meteorology, the snowfall also showed its effect in Çerkezköy. The snow-fighting teams, which were created to prevent the citizens from being adversely affected due to heavy snowfall, continue their work on a 24-hour basis.

Çerkezköy Municipality teams were still on duty in order not to experience any negativity throughout the city due to the cold weather that affected the region. The teams affiliated to the Police Department informed the Machinery Supply, Maintenance and Repair Department teams about the points where measures are likely to be taken or adverse events may occur as a result of the controls they carried out by throwing rings on the streets and streets. Before the snowfall, the teams working on solutions throughout Çerkezköy continued their salting works at critical points.

Çerkezköy Municipality Machinery Supply, Maintenance and Repair Directorate, 4 salting machines, 1 solution tank, 3 snowplows, 4 scoops, 4 trucks and 2 graders and a winter fighting team of 67 personnel, especially in the city center. continues to work in all districts. The teams continue to work on a 24-hour basis so that the citizens are not adversely affected by the snowfall.

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