Snowfall has started in Thrace – Last Minute

Kirklareli ve TekirdagIt snowed in the high parts of .

of Tekirdag malkara Some vehicles were covered with snow due to the rain that was effective in the district center.

The snow, especially seen in the high parts, covered some parts of the district white. The air temperature in the city was measured 3 degrees.


Snowfall was effective in the high parts of Kırklareli.

Snowfall, Demirkoy, Visa ve Kofçaz with counties Bulgariaproviding access to Derekoy The area around the Border Gate grew white.

In the region where the air temperature is 3 degrees below zero, the 15th Branch Chief of Highways and the Provincial Special Administration teams continue their work in order to avoid any disruption in transportation.

EdirneIn , the air temperature dropped to 4 degrees below zero.

Son Dika Current Snowfall has started in Thrace – Last Minute

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