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Political parties and non-governmental organizations continue to organize aid campaigns under the earthquake that took place on February 6th. In this context, the Tekirdağ Provincial Organization of the Communist Party of Turkey extends a helping hand to the earthquake area. TKP, which will deliver the basic necessities to the earthquake area, aims to expand the aid campaign as much as possible by keeping the neighborhood houses and workers’ houses open during this time. Citizens who want to participate in the aid campaign of TKP can get information by calling 0 544 306 61 06.

In the statement made by the TKP, the following statements were made: “Citizens, We experienced a devastating earthquake that affected many of our provinces. Many of our citizens lost their lives. Sorry for your loss. Get well soon to all of us, to those who were under the rubble, injured, whose houses were destroyed or damaged. As TKP, our priority is to contribute to solidarity with our citizens affected by the earthquake, to mobilize the resources we have for this solidarity, and to evaluate the requests for contributions and assistance from all over Turkey in the fastest way possible. Our party will act by putting political calculations aside and will focus entirely on solidarity with our citizens. However, we will never allow the distortions and opportunism of the capitalist order and political power, which are responsible for this heavy destruction.

Resources should be used for the needs of the earthquake area, not a penny should be spent for political shows and show visits. The government should focus only on what the central authority can do, instead of making a mistake such as preventing the people’s attempts to help and solidarity. First of all, all airports, runways, highways and railways, hospitals, which were built by subcontractors in violation of the regulations and became unusable in an earthquake, should be repaired immediately and the necessary resources should be obtained from the relevant companies. No fee should be paid from the public for the construction machinery required for debris removal and other operations, and the machinery park of large construction companies should be confiscated. We will not let those who take the lives of our citizens get rich in the earthquake.

Citizens, In severe winter conditions, in a time when the high cost of living is crippling us, it is not only a humanitarian duty to grow solidarity, gain strength from each other, and act in an organized manner, but also an opportunity to strengthen our will to take care of this country and our future. To the extent that we can act together in the face of difficulties, we become the people, we become citizens. Let’s organize solidarity together. We are meeting tonight at 20:00 in all our neighborhood houses, including the earthquake zone, to coordinate our solidarity and cooperation efforts. In addition to instant information sharing, the Communist Party of Turkey Headquarters will share with the public a comprehensive bulletin, which will include observations, evaluations and information about the earthquake zone and solidarity activities, every night for a week, starting today.

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