Soylu: ‘(The pressure of the terrorist organization) No power other than women could remove this oppression’

Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu, “We were not bowed down, we were not crushed, we were not defeated. Praise be to Allah that today we were upright like the minaret of Hagia Sophia.” said.

NevsehirSpeaking at the “1st International Congress of Families on Seizure” held at a hotel in Turkey, Soylu said: TurkeyHe stated that Turkey has entered 2023 strongly, and all the efforts to prevent it have been unsuccessful.

Turkey’s, East MediterraneanStating that he continues his activities in search of energy in Turkey despite the whole world, Soylu said, “We were not ashamed of our ancestors who gave us our freedom and freedom a century ago. We did not bow down, we were not crushed, we were not defeated. Thank God, our heads are as high as the minaret of Hagia Sophia. Karabakh There was an issue. Today Azerbaijan“The Karabakh issue, which is like a dagger stuck in our hearts, has been dismantled,” he said.

The USA and Europe do not want Turkey to take successful steps, Russia- Ukraine President at War Recep Tayyip ErdoganEmphasizing the importance of the role played by Soylu, Soylu said:

“In the Ukraine-Russia War, the President of this country, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with his experience, knowledge, understanding that knows the world like the back of his hand for 20 years, but most importantly, with his confident personality, which is perhaps the most basic ability that should be in this geography, is a place where the world is located. He pulled the world out of the crisis. None of them would have come to our feet, to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Even in the elevators in Europe and America, even on the televisions they used, those who were anti-Turkey or anti-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would not kneel down to the people of this geography. There is a reckoning, and there is a reckoning of Allah.”

by President Erdogan some time ago UzbekistanExplaining that he was sent to Turkey and received by the President of Uzbekistan after his various contacts in this country, Soylu continued his words as follows:

“Before getting up, ‘Do you have anything to say?’ He said. We must work harder than those before us and those after us.’ We will never get such an opportunity again. We will never find a leader like Recep Tayyip Erdoğan again. We will never again find those who create unrest in the geography around us, such as Europe and America, in such a powerless, visionless, directionless, unscrupulous, directionless, leaderless manner. We will not be able to catch up with Turkey, which has completed its deficiencies in the infrastructure of the 21st century and completed its infrastructure in the 21st century.”

Noting that the Anatolian people have gone through great ordeals in the past, and that they continue to fight terrorism by wrapping their children in crescent-star coffins every day, Soylu said that the nation is faced with problems in many areas, from the economy to terrorism.

Stating that there were days when Turkey was sentenced to 8000 percent per night interest rates, and that he saw the efforts to discredit the leaders with newspaper headlines, Soylu said:

“In this country, America and Europe wave their fingers at our managers and elders, try to take away our self-confidence, and our retirees wait in bank queues after five o’clock in the evening to get their salary the next morning, okplain From Turkey, where they wait to see the doctor’s face in the morning, with the blankets they brought from Anatolia from Thrace to Samatya Hospital in the winter, from Turkey, which says that even if we have oil, mine or gas, they will not let us out today. It has turned into a picture that gives hope to the surrounding geography, where we make our , where one of the world’s largest airports is built, with a tourism income of 50 billion dollars, where 46 million tourists come, and reaching out to the oppressed from all over the world. I have been in politics since childhood. These are not easy tasks to achieve. They try to attack from all sides. We believe in our nation, we trust its foresight. Right is our destination. I would like to say once again that the days when we have just started, when we will leave a great legacy to our young people who will live in the next century, when our passport with crescent and star will be the most prestigious passport in the world, and when our young people will be pointed at, are not far away.”

“No power other than women could remove this oppression”

Diyarbakir MothersPointing out that they have not accomplished an easy task, Soylu stated that it is not an easy task to tear up a climate of oppression in which even a single woman is deprived of her ability to speak a word.

Emphasizing that the terrorist organization exerted all its ability to destroy the dependence on family, tradition and belonging there, Soylu continued:

“It is not an easy task to remove this oppression. No power other than women could dismantle this oppression. An understanding that takes his 9-year-old son from him and gives him a Kalashnikov is too despicable to even be described with evil. Those who support it, those who support it, and those who want to stage it in the world are also the same. They are the strongest parts of the vile understanding. It is so clear and clear. A child’s greatest strength is in his mother’s lap. Even if we are 50 or 60, the moment we put our head in our mother’s lap, we catch our innocence again. Mother is a being that creates that innocence. She is the one who brings mothers there, she It is precisely this innocence that brought those mothers into existence, together with that courage, in front of that HDP building.”

Soylu said in his own statements that 35 percent of them left the HDP within the framework of his work with over 1200 people who came from the mountains, those who surrendered, and those who came with persuasion. Pointing out that these people said that they were taken from the HDP building, festivals and the organizational structure of the party, Soylu said:

“By saying that, the HDP is not actually a political party, and the HDP is completely PKK reveals that it is the political branch of the terrorist organization and that it abuses the political legitimacy. Now HDP Constitutional Court He puts a block on his money. In one of the phrases he says, ‘Murat KarayılanNo one appointed by ‘s can be HDP’s general treasurer.’ We will pay taxes in this country. These people will work. It will produce agriculture here. People will drive trucks and trucks from night to morning. They will carry it from one place to another. Then, together with the taxes paid by them, Murat Karayılan will determine the treasurer and general treasurer of a legitimate political party in this country. Then why did you ban it? In other words, Murat Karayılan will determine and distribute the money transferred from Kandil to a political party from Turkey’s treasury and finances. He will decide where to go, with nylon bills. Then, those who did it will be blamed for why you did it. Now they’re going to take nine-year-olds and ten-year-olds up the mountain. Again, within the legitimate system, provisions will be taken from the municipalities to the mountains. The ammunition will be taken away. The gun will be carried. People will be transported and taken to the so-called courts, tax courts and tax areas they have established. People to line up. Then this will be the political party. Today, they will be considered as equals with political parties that want to serve the country.”

Stating that he asked all political parties how they allowed themselves to be defined under the same roof with HDP, Soylu said, “Those who have political cooperation with them and hope for help from them and expect their future is a different matter. Ha, what do you do after that? You’d have to say you bought it as a weed collector, not a terrorist. where?in front of the televisions. If we are going to tell the truth after we die, we do not have such an opportunity anyway, the greatest service we can do to this country is to work, it is true, but we have to tell the truth in the presence of this nation. No matter what anyone says, no matter what slanderers slander, I swear, no matter how much they slander, every slander that Allah Almighty has given us really strengthens the contract we have made with this nation. We will tell the truth, we will work, we will strive, we will fight,” he said.

“Terror is our red line”

Stating that he said 4 years ago that only one girl from this country would not go to the mountain, Soylu said that he said this to encourage and support mothers, to protect their child and to resist those who want to tear her away from themselves. Stating that they were victorious, Soylu continued his words as follows:

“In this country, they were taking 5,558 children from their mothers and fathers by exploiting them and taking them to the mountains. Today, the number has dropped to 57. It’s that simple. The number of people coming from there is almost three times as much. The number of what the state brought by persuading their mothers and fathers. We are terrorist organizations. We dispersed, smashed, burned, destroyed the climate it created.Now our children are becoming engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses, and you see, I say it because they are angry, Baghdadof Damascus Erbil‘in, AfghanistanAnatolia will ensure the peace of Turkey. Anatolia will provide the peace of the geography around us. We just get started. We are the Raiders. We do some of it. As much as we can, those who come after us take the flag and keep it going. This country is our country. We can have political discussions with each individual, it is. We are at our disposal for every political word spoken to serve our country. We approve, we do not. We are approved or disapproved, but terror is our red line. We will never allow this. We are behind the will of the mothers until the end. Of course, we know what they went through, what troubles they faced, how they suffered in the creek, how they couldn’t explain themselves, they were frightened and frightened.”

Stating that he is also in contact with the mothers of drug addicts, Soylu said, “The Best Narcotics He reminded that they were running the “Mom the Police” project.

Noting that they carried out the project together with mothers, Soylu said, “The moment you reach your mother’s innocence, God Almighty will open your way and your business will be successful. Your difficulties will become easier. Mother is something else. It is the highest emotion that can be described. There in front of the HDP building, those mothers, fathers, and fathers too. “The struggle they put forth may not be understood very much today, but I want to tell you here. A century later, a century later, that struggle that those mothers put forward will actually mean an end and a beginning in this country. To each of them. We are grateful.” he said.


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