Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop: ‘(Attacks on the Qur’an) I once again curse these human manuscripts’

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentopattacks on the Qur’an Sweden, Holland ve DenmarkHe called on .

Şentop, Organization of Islamic Cooperation Parliament Union (ISIPAB) with the title of “The Islamic World and the Challenges of Modernization and Development”. AlgeriaHe made a speech as the 16th term president at the 17th Conference held in Turkey.

Drawing attention to the attacks on the Qur’an in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark, Şentop said, “The despicable actions of these despicable people and the attitudes of the authorities in question are indicators of the alarming level of Islamophobia, racist and extremist movements in Europe. I once again curse the human manuscripts.” said.

Regarding the attitude of the countries where the aforementioned attacks took place, Şentop said, “I call on the Western countries, which target Muslims at every opportunity and allow them to be targeted, under the guise of idolatry of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, to abandon their unprincipled behavior and learn from their pasts.” used the phrases.

– The fire that will break out will burn everyone

Emphasizing that the West has a superficial understanding of human rights and a double standard approach, Şentop said, “Western countries should immediately put an end to this dangerous . They should stop insulting the sacred of people. They should not allow societies to be played with fault lines. They should now see that the fire that will break out will burn everyone.” said.

Şentop, Prince Harry of England, AfghanistanHe killed 25 people in . recalling his sentence, “These events are almost paving the way for the Nazi era. It reminds me of Hitler.” used the phrases.

The voices of Muslim countries remained weak

Şentop emphasized that in addition to the individual responses of the Islamic countries, the international bodies representing the Islamic geography should also show their reactions at the highest level.

“In this context, we have to make a self-criticism. I regret to say that the voices from Muslim countries and the organizations we participate in were weak enough to be the subject of a separate report in the face of the grave events. However, our collective and strong reaction will undoubtedly be Swedish. It will allow Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands or other countries where this kind of disrespect is experienced to put themselves in order and force them to prevent similar disasters that may occur in the future.”

Organizations representing the Islamic world

Şentop stated that the organizations representing the Islamic world are generally ineffective and said, “They are struggling with internal conflicts and are far from being the loud voice of the Islamic world. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say that the Islamic world is in the place it deserves, despite all its material and spiritual potential.” said.

Noting the necessity for the Islamic world to redesign these institutions, Şentop said, “Our union should be stronger and our voice should be louder. Palestinefrom Rohingya to Karabakh Uyghur To the Turks, from Afghanistan Crimeato the North Cyprus‘tan West Thracefrom European countries Far Asia coasts, from America to Australia AfricaIt is a responsibility and a burden imposed on us by our faith to deal with the problems of our brothers wherever they are on earth, to work for the protection of their rights, and to fight to stop the persecution they suffer.”

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