Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop spoke at the National Pact of Commemoration.

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa SentopSwedenthe DenmarkIn , we see the vile attack on the holy book of Islam. We have existed in these geographies for a thousand years with these hostilities, we have lived heroically. A hundred years ago we repulsed the most brutal attacks. We tore up the calculations and plans made about us,” he said.

Şentop, under the auspices of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSU) and Istanbul University (IU) in cooperation with the “MSGSU Fındıklı Campus” RepublicParticipated in the 100th Anniversary of the National Pact.

Şentop stated that the hall where the program is held is the hall where the National Pact, which determines the present and future of the Parliament, is accepted, and that the National Pact has declared clearly against the invading and imperialist powers all over the world, in which the reasons and method of the just struggle of the nation are revealed. He said it was his manifesto.

Şentop also stated that the National Struggle was a precedent for the oppressed nations. Algeria, Fas, Vietnam The fact that it is still being taught in textbooks in many different geographies such as Turkey is very important in terms of showing what a great job our nation has accomplished,” he said.

1. The world Noting that when the war ended, it was seen that nothing would ever be the same in the world, Şentop said:

“After the war, in which nearly 20 million civilians and nearly 10 million soldiers lost their lives, the victorious states made arbitrary savings. They already had an eternal problem and plans regarding our nation and the Islamic world. Manzikert We started with his victory, of course, this period reached its peak with the conquest of Istanbul. Now, with the success they have gained, they have had the opportunity to see an 850-year-old account wholesale. They took the first step towards this with the Mondros Armistice Agreement that we signed on October 30, 1918. They attempted to evaluate the agreement, which we call a ceasefire, as a proof that they invaded Anatolia without encountering any resistance. For this reason, one week after the ceasefire agreement, İzmir They began to approach the shores with their ships. ships after 2 weeks Dolmabahçe PalaceThey anchored opposite. In the ongoing process, they started to invade Anatolia step by step.”

“Every preparation was made for the fight”

Expressing that the patriotic statesmen who predicted what would happen, they were preparing for counter-plans and moves, Şentop said, “The Trakya Paşaeli Defense of Rights Society was established on November 2, 1918 for the first organization. Kars The Islamic Council followed suit. Then quickly Ardahan, TrabzonIzmir, Alasehir, Balikesir, Nazilli ve Mugla congresses convened. Mustafa Kemal Pasha to start the National Struggle. SamsunCongresses started before he set foot in Erzurum ve Sivas He laid the groundwork for the congresses,” he said.

Sentop, 4 September He stated that with the decisions taken at the Sivas Congress convened in 1919, the decisions of the Erzurum Congress were strengthened and repeated.

Noting that the National Struggle was confirmed to be coordinated with the national will, Şentop said, “If the Istanbul Government has to leave any part of our country in the face of external pressure, all kinds of measures and decisions have been taken to ensure the independence and integrity of the homeland.” He also stressed that the verdict shows that all preparations have been made for the struggle to be waged.

Şentop pointed out that it is necessary to wait for a while for the National Assembly to declare the National Pact.Paris conference, Ottoman Empirehow they will allocate London He left the conference. It was at this stage that the Majlis-i Mebusan accepted the National Pact. In this way, our borders have been clearly shown and announced to those who try to share our homeland, which we paid for with our blood, as if they were sharing their father’s property. ‘ he evaluated.

“Parliament is actually a continuation of the Parliament”

Parliament Şentop stated that the firsts in history always started with the Parliament, and said:

Turkey The Grand National Assembly is actually a continuation of the Parliament. with the Ottoman Empire Republic of Turkey There is the same relationship between the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Because of this 23 Nisan We celebrate 1920 as the opening date. Because the Assembly of Deputies held its last session on March 18, 1920 and decided to take a holiday. Members of the Parliament later continued their duties as members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The most important of the decisions taken by the Majlis-i Mebusan is the National Pact, whose 103rd anniversary we commemorate today. The National Pact is the decision of the national will. It has been declared that with the decisions of the National Pact, the works carried out by Mustafa Kemal Pasha after he set foot in Samsun were approved.

Amasya CircularŞentop stated that the decisions taken at the Erzurum and Sivas Congresses were confirmed by the National Pact.Mustafa Kemal Atatürk almost reached the target of the GNAT government headed by the TGNA. He managed to save Anatolia from the great fire and proclaim our national sovereignty,” he said.

In the first article of the Misak-ı Milli, it is stated that “The Ottoman-Islamic majority, who are connected to each other in terms of religion, race and ideal unity, have mutual respect and self-sacrifice, respect race and social relations and the conditions of their environment, within and outside the said armistice. All of the sections in which it is settled are a whole that cannot be separated from each other, be it by an action or a verdict. Şentop also quoted his statements and said:

“It is a statement that needs to be taken into account in order to prevent what happened to brotherly societies separated from each other by the ‘divide and rule’ tactic and artificial borders by imperialist states today, and to protect our unity and well-being. We are still faithfully committed to the goal of the national oath announced 103 years ago. We are aware that we are responsible for protecting, defending and keeping alive what is ours, what is ours, what is with us. The threats to our national survival 103 years ago still continue today. We also do not face the threats we are exposed to at our borders anymore. We continue to keep our brothers and sisters alive safely.”

“We are working to make the Republic of Turkey the strongest and most prosperous state in the world”

Noting that the borders drawn with the National Pact are essentially the borders suitable for the existing ethnic, religious and historical structure, but since this has not been fully realized, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said:

“I am of the opinion that re-addressing the problems experienced in the geography our country is in, on the basis of the National Pact, starting from the principles accepted in the National Pact for the solution of problems, will be a light for us on the way to a just and lasting sustainable peace. Some describe it as ‘Neo-Ottomanism.’ Yes, we love the Ottoman Empire and we remember it with pride. Our most powerful state we have established in history. In the words of our late poet Yahya Kemal, ‘We are the horse whose roots are in the past.’ We are not a ruin. We come from a past that we will honor and tell about. But some people accuse us paranoidly of trying to establish the Ottoman Empire. We are not dreamers, we do not dream. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment in a glorious way, the Republic of Turkey, the world’s strongest, most important, “We are working and trying to make it the most peaceful and prosperous state. We are trying to build our future with the inspiration we get from the glorious periods of our history. We are trying to make our country an economic, social and cultural center of attraction.”

We believe that the 100th anniversary of the Republic is the meeting point of the past and the next thousand years.Turkey CenturyŞentop stated that “The war is more than just a claim,” and said, “We know that the states that could not digest our presence in this geography and the achievements we achieved, and that did not take their historical resentment with the crusades for hundreds of years, did not give up on their imperialist calculations. If they get the chance, they will not stop attacking brutally. In Sweden and Denmark we see the vile attack on the holy book of Islam. We have existed in these geographies for a thousand years with these hostilities, we have lived heroically. A hundred years ago we repulsed the most brutal attacks. We tore up the calculations and plans made about us,” he said.

Şentop said that he commemorates with mercy, gratitude and respect the deputies who took the decisions of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the National Pact, who subsequently stood behind their decisions despite all the pressure, and the heroes of the National Struggle, who pioneered the preparation and adoption of the National Pact. I am very proud to state that the deputies of our parliament protected the trust they received from the nation with the same spirit and faith under the bombs during the coup attempt on July 15, 2016. I believe it is this faith and spirit that makes our nation different and strong.” he said.

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