Speaker of the Parliament Şentop spoke at the museum opening in Edirne

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentop“Museums, which transfer the memories of societies to places, are the most important cultural heritages that we will leave to our children, who are the trustees of our future.” said.

Şentop at the Historical Ekmekçizade Ahmetpaşa Caravanserai Edirne He participated in the opening of the museums in 4 themes established by the governorship.

Speaking here, Şentop said that with the museums to be opened, Bulgaria‘a hem GreeceEdirne, which is the gateway to Europe due to its border connection to Turkey, will be referred to as the “City of Museums” from today on, Balkans He also stated that it will become a cultural center for

Expressing that Edirne, the city of museums, will be the lively face of Thrace and also the center of attraction for the Balkans, Şentop said, “The ‘Museum of Turkish States Established in History’, ‘Museum of Ottoman Sultans’, ‘Padişah Tent Museum’ and The great museum that brought to life 4 museums designed with the themes of ‘Museum of Ottoman Art in the Balkans’. Turkey The state is the protector of culture and art,” he said.

“Museums are very important learning centers”

Şentop emphasized that museums are very important learning centers and places that increase the quality of life, as a regular or irregular source of education for people of all ages.

Underlining that museums are one of the most important areas of learning by seeing, Şentop continued as follows:

“Our primary, secondary, and high school students, observing these four museums, will see alive what is taught in their books and lectures, compare historical periods, and visualize a solid history in their minds.

Considering the fact that visual learning prevents forgetting, the information learned at school will be reinforced in the museum in a practical way. I believe that Edirne museums, which contain opportunities as an educational environment, will be a tool of educational cooperation, especially for our teachers at every school level. Again, the ‘Natural History Museum’, which we will open today, will be the training center of our educators from Edirne.”

Pointing out that museums should be used effectively as a practice school for the education of culture, art, history, and other fields, Şentop said:

“Museums that transfer the memories of societies to places are the most important cultural heritages that we will leave to our children, who are the trustees of our future. With four different themes. Asia starting on the steps and RepublicOn behalf of my beloved nation, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has prepared and contributed to the Turkish history, which has entered the second century of our country, as an official parade.”

Edirne Governor H. Kursat Kirbiyikstressed that Edirne is a city with an open air museum. Indicating that Edirne is a very important city with 1368 registered cultural assets, Governor Kırbıyık stated that the city exhibits the wealth of ancestors in the best way.

Chairman of the GNAT Equal Opportunity Commission for Men and Women, and AK Party Edirne Deputy Fatma AksalMentioning the importance of Edirne in history, he underlined that Edirne, the city of museums, will carry the city’s past to the future.

Edirne Culture and Tourism Director Kemal Soytürk stated that Edirne is rapidly advancing towards its goal of becoming a cultural capital.

Afterwards, Şentop and his entourage toured the museum, making the opening.

culture and Tourism Ministry İstanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble Mehter Department gave a concert.

Şentop later opened and visited the “Natural History Museum” established by Trakya University in Karaağaç Campus.

Mayor of Edirne to the openings Recep GurkanAND Party Kirklareli Deputy Selahattin Minsolmaz, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edirne Representative Ambassador Murat Ahmet Yoruk, Trakya University Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan TabakogluEdirne Bar Association President Gökhan Karakoç, AK Party Edirne Provincial President Belgin İba, institution managers and guests attended.

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