6 Nisan 1920

1- Traffic accelerated in the bargaining of 700 thousand public sector workers

Employee and employer side, Kahramanmaras suspended due to centered earthquakes Public Collective Bargaining Agreement Framework Protocol continues his talks

To speed up the process The Ministry of Labor and Social Security meeting with the officials of the workers, representing the employers at the bargaining table. EMPTYHe began to wait for an offer from

(Ozcan Yildirim/Ankara)

2- Suspicious transaction reports to MASAK in 2022 exceeded 425 thousand

The vast majority of notifications were sent by banks, payment and electronic money institutions, and crypto asset service providers.

In the notifications, it was seen that the crimes were mostly suspected of tax evasion and tax evasion, illegal betting and gambling, and failure to declare transactions on someone else’s account.

(Merve Ozlem Cakir/Ankara)

3- Developed countries accelerate their chip investments

Construction of 28 chip manufacturing facilities is expected to begin this year.

In chip production, Taiwan based TSMC, USA based Intel ve Qualcomm companies take first place

(Ata Ufuk Şeker/Brussels)

4- Turkey‘the Franceexport record to

Turkey realized the highest January-February export of all time to France with 1 billion 532 million dollars.

France was also recorded as the 6th country to which Turkey exports the most.

(Burhan Sansarlıoğlu/Istanbul)

5- A journey that sheds light on the future of the world: National Antarctic Science Expedition

Under the auspices of the Presidency, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, under the coordination of TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute, a 19-member scientific delegation that carried out the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition returned home.

Captain Özgün Oktar, Leader of the 7th National Antarctic Science Expedition:

“We visited many foreign science bases and carried out studies to increase Turkey’s visibility in the region. We added new ones to our collaborations. In our expedition, we increased the size of our international collaborations with 3 foreign researchers.”

(Sebnem Coskun/Antarctica)

6- Ceyhan In the village by the river, the crevices and depressions formed in the earthquake were viewed with a drone

Osmaniye Ahmet Boyraz, one of the residents of Gökçedam village of the center:

“There was no such crevice by the river, it came to this state after the earthquake. It has a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters in places. When I first saw it, I was scared, I shuddered”

(Mustafa Unal Uysal/Muzaffer Çağlıyaner/Osmaniye) (Photo-Video)

7- Marmara RegionRainfall decreased by 46 percent in February

It has been measured that the precipitation in February has decreased by more than 80 percent compared to the average of many years in the whole of Thrace, EdirneFebruary saw the lowest level of precipitation in the last 63 years in February

Istanbul Aydin University Dr. Güven Özdemir, Faculty Member and Meteorology Engineer:

“With the effect of high pressure, the Marmara Region and Istanbul could not receive precipitation due to the climate and greenhouse effect. This situation is in the east of the Marmara Region. Yalova, Bursa ve Kocaeli with TekirdagIt caused severe drought in Turkey and even sowing was difficult.

(Hikmet Faruk Başer/Istanbul) (Photo-Video)

8- Isolators reduce the strength of the earthquake by one third at low cost

METU Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ugurhan Akyuz:

Earthquake Insulators can be evaluated for any structure where the ground, climate and environment are suitable.

“Earthquake isolators, which can be integrated into the structure while the building is being built or later, can cause an increase of 2-3 percent in hospital projects and 5-10 percent in buildings,” he said.

(Mehtap Yilmaz / Ankara)


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