Specimens collected over 40 years will be exhibited at the Trakya University Natural History Museum.

University of Trakya The plant and animal specimens that have been collected for 40 years by the faculty members of the Biology Department of the Faculty of (TU) will be exhibited in the Natural History Museum.

Plant and animal specimens will be presented to the interest of and nature enthusiasts at the museum, which will be opened tomorrow at Karaağaç Campus.

Head of Biology Department Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Çamlıtepe, AA correspondent, is home to 12 thousand plant species. TurkeyHe said it is rich in biodiversity.

Stating that 32 percent of these plants are endemic, Çamlıtepe said, “If Turkey is rich in biological diversity in Europe, Thrace is also rich in biological diversity in Turkey. Thrace contains 2 thousand 773 plant species and represents approximately 25 percent of Turkey’s plant diversity. Trakya’ There are 68 of the plants in the region only in this region. 2 thousand 162 animal species, 415 of which are vertebrates, have been identified in the region and this number is increasing every year.” said.

-“Our university has a rich collection”

Çamlıtepe stated that TÜ Biology Department has a rich collection of plant and animal specimens.

Stating that a part of this collection will be exhibited at TÜ Natural History Museum, Çamlıtepe said, “Our Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan TabakogluOur museum, which was brought to life with the contributions and support of . The examples to be exhibited in the museum are original. It has been prepared in accordance with museum techniques by the faculty members of the department for 40 years, and no hunting has been done in the supply of specimens,” he said.

Çamlıtepe stated that the museum project aims to contribute to the awareness of nature conservation, as well as to introduce and transfer natural wealth to future generations, and to bring a new tourism area to the city.

“1923 specimens of 734 species will be exhibited”

Stating that the final preparations for the museum have been completed, Çamlıtepe said:

“In our museum, 1923 specimens from a total of 734 species of various invertebrates, insects, molluscs, plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals collected from different regions of our country, reflecting the biological richness of Thrace, are exhibited. Scientific data on these specimens are available in Turkish and English. It is presented to domestic and foreign visitors on information panels and flowing touch screens.

In the museum warehouses of the biology department of our university, there is an international herbarium (the place where dried plant samples are arranged and stored in a certain system) containing more than 100 thousand insect materials and approximately 2,000 identified insect species, more than 1000 skeleton-stuffed vertebrate specimens and more than 15 thousand plant specimens. In this context, both our museum and our museum warehouse will serve and support international researchers.”

Son Dika Current Specimens collected over 40 years will be exhibited at Trakya University Natural History Museum – Last Minute

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