Spotify design is completely changing! Here is the new design…

world’s largest digital music company announced its new interface and features at its Stream On event. Offering a much more interactive user experience, the new design also brings a -like feature.

From the changes Music, Podcast and many of the platform’s services, such as Audiobooks, will be affected.

Globally available new interface; music, podcast ve audio books It will offer personalized previews on vertical pages for With this design change, a -style interface will also meet with users.

Aiming to provide greater visibility for content creators, the mobile app has been massively redesigned. Song and mobile app podcast The new design, which brings its visuals to the forefront, has a vertically scrollable “Discover” gets tab.

One of the most striking points of the new design was the Discover tab. This feature, which will feature a style design, will offer music and podcast previews as you scroll down. In this way, new song according to your taste, podcast and audiobooks.

Founder of the company and CEOare DanielAutomatically recommending songs to users according to the description of Smart Shuffle‘s abilities have been improved. Accordingly, it will recommend more songs to users by completing the current playlist with a single tap.

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