Starbucks drinkers are in shock! 300 thousand bottles of coffee will be collected!

One of the first brands that comes to mind when you think of coffee. Starbucks. The brand, which is in demand both in other countries of the world and in our country, was shocked with a decision it took in the USA. Reports suggest that glass shards may have entered the company’s vanilla frappuccino drinks. However, it is not Starbucks that is responsible for this, but the company that packs the coffees. PepsiCO.

Starbucks is in shock! 300 thousand bottles of coffee will be collected!

According to the information received, an emergency action plan on the subject was prepared. Starbucks, He decided to collect 300,000 bottles of coffee. Although most of the drinks are thought to be sold in the USA, it is stated that some products may have been sold in other countries as well. We hope the company can successfully complete the recall operation, taking pains to ensure that any of the glass shards do not come across. Because people who drink a cup of coffee with glass fragments in it can be seriously injured and even lose their lives.

Already ABD Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The statements made by him confirm this. categorizing the recall operation in question as class 2. FDA, uses this category in situations where the risk of major injury and direct death is high. The expiry dates of the drinks in which there is a possibility of falling glass particles are 08.03.2023, 29.05.2023, 04.06.2023 and 10.06.2023 declared as.

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