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After the automatic SCT increase in liquor and cigarette prices, the price of 70 raki will reach approximately 408 TL. About three quarters of that is taxes.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), inflation increased by 64.27 percent annually in December. Producer prices increased by 97.72 percent year on year and decreased by 0.24 percent compared to the previous month. The six-month increase in producer prices is 22.29 percent.

According to Diken’s news, it is expected that the fixed and minimum fixed SCT amounts on liquor and tobacco products will be increased at this rate. Tax expert Ozan Bingöl announced that with the increase, the approximate shelf price of a 70 raki will be 408 TL. Bingöl stated that 294 liras of this product will be tax. Thus, a tax of 294 liras will be paid for a product worth 114 liras.

Ozan Bingöl shared the following on social media:
“SCT, which was 602.48₺ per liter of alcohol, increased by 22.29% to 736.77₺. This situation has nothing to do with protecting public health. An income-oriented taxation approach has emerged, and the SCT on alcohol has turned from being a tax policy tool to an intervention in lifestyle.”

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