Statement from the government on the secret article of the Lausanne Treaty! The truth has finally emerged

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of TurkeyLausanne in the Treaty hidden materials‘ put the last point about the allegations and discussions about the existence of

“No secret ingredient”

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop, to the members of the press in the Assembly, Lausanne Treaty commented on the discussions.

Sentop, “There are secret clauses in the Treaty of Lausanne” to their claims, “There is no secret provision in international conventions voted in parliaments. How can there be a secret clause of an international agreement? A pointless discussion. There is no secret ingredient,” he replied.

“No such thing”

“There is no question of time, there is no such thing in the agreement. The issue of confidential matter is also a strange situation for lawyers. Because when an agreement is made, this agreement comes to the parliaments of the countries that signed it and is approved there. How can a secret provision be approved in the parliament, Who will look, evaluate and give approval? There cannot be a secret provision in international agreements.”

“If there is something called a secret provision, it is not an agreement; it is not from the text of the agreement anyway. There is no such thing. It is not a fixed clause, nor can it be a secret article of an international agreement; Lausanne does not exist.”

Parliament Speaker Şentop said:Why is the Treaty of Lausanne so often discussed?“There are those who make such eccentric historical interpretations; somewhat remarkable, unusual… But this should not be detached from the legal reality, especially if it is a legal event. How can an international agreement be a secret clause of an agreement signed by the governments of so many countries, going to their parliaments and being negotiated there? Even if there are things that are claimed to be secret materials, they are not agreements, they cannot be agreement provisions. This is a pretty useless discussion.”

CIMER also answered the question of the Treaty of Lausanne.

CIMER Legal Advisory Office answered the question asked about the Treaty of Lausanne last year as “There are no secret articles in the Treaty of Lausanne, and there is no clause that prevents us from extracting mines”.

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