Statement from the USA that makes them say “This will start a war”!

State-sponsored cyberattacks and corporate espionage are becoming a bigger problem with each passing year, causing millions of dollars in losses. As governments, businesses and cybersecurity experts fight to protect citizens and customers, attackers always manage to escape with critical data they capture.

Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise

The US administration announced that it will establish a new National Cyber ​​ Strategy to make cyber attacks safer for Americans. The new policy will place tech companies and large organizations a responsibility to make their systems more secure so they can better resist increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats around the world.

Management “the organizations most capable and in the best position to mitigate risks” Instead of shifting the burden of cybersecurity to individuals, small businesses and local companies, he thinks American citizens should do more to keep them safe online.

The new policy will also characterize ransomware attacks as a national threat. The administration explained that America is working to establish a “comprehensive Federal approach” to solving the problem in collaboration with its international allies. The administration in its attempt to make America safer from cybersecurity threats, “will use all means of national power to disrupt the enemies” and that they will work with the private sector to thwart malicious actors.

Cyber ​​attacks continue to threaten governments!

Strategy management, which addresses the threats facing the United States and other liberal democracies in more detail, Directly accuses “China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other autocratic states with revisionist intentions”.

Accusing the countries in question of engaging in cyber warfare in disregard of human rights and international law, the administration said they were a clear and present danger to America’s national , public safety and economic well-being.

How do you find the new strategy of the USA, which is like starting a war?

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