‘State’s perspective on e-export’ was discussed at Turkey Technology Meetings

Ministry of Commerce E- ExportHead of Digital Marketing, Behavioral Public Policies and Next Generation Technologies Hasan Onalthe world’s marketplace model has now moved to the hybrid model, he said.

Onal, Edirneheld at the Balkan Congress Center inTurkey In the presentation of the “ Meetings” event on “the state’s perspective on e-export”, he stated that companies can list their products directly on the market places when they want to do e-commerce.

Emphasizing that the most common form of e-commerce model in the world at the moment is the market place model, Önal said, “The second model is that you can make sales by making your own web page and get infrastructure support. Another model is you can list your products by displaying your products on social media and providing your contact information.” he said.

Explaining that the digital shopping model will become widespread in the world, Önal said:

“The world has now moved from the marketplace model to the hybrid model. So it has switched to multi-channel. People at our age know more, there were paper newspapers and internet newspapers. Nobody believed that internet journalism would end the paper newspaper. How many newspapers do you keep at home right now, how many magazines You buy everything online. Therefore, the trade will be like this. Nobody will have a physical store. Physical stores will be where the products are displayed. You cannot escape from e-commerce.”

“People spend 40 percent of their free time on their cell phones”

Önal stated that people now spend most of their free time with their mobile phones.

Noting that nowadays, all kinds of needs are met via mobile phones via e-commerce, Önal said, “People even go to the toilet with their mobile phones. They shop online. The most shopping places are toilets, and the most shopping is done in that region on the e-commerce page. It will increase to 50. Therefore, the internet is where our lives pass.” said.

Pointing out that is advancing at a rapid pace and that everything seen in fiction movies is actually a rehearsal of the future world, Önal continued as follows:

“Web3 is coming, we are entering an era where you can participate with your 5 senses. You will be able to feel in virtual reality, you will be able to smell, you are entering such an age. Web4 comes after Web3. Web4 is the internet of objects and behaviors. It is also the robotic age. So what did they do in Web 2, they gathered our social perceptions. What will they do on web3? How They will enter your blood and collect your biochemistry so that you can detect the smell. After collecting them all, they will say, ‘OK, let’s make humanoid Android robots from this data’ and Web4 will come.”

Explaining that Web5 will come in 2055 after the robotic era in Web4, Önal said, “In 2055, you will be able to upload information to your brain by placing an implant behind your ear. Chinese you will be speaking. After this age, when the world becomes uninhabitable in 2070, your Android people live on Mars with your consciousness, but your beings are waiting until it becomes a habitable world.”

İkas Business Development Manager Hope Akgül, on the other hand, gave information to the participants about the projects and works they have done with the new generation e-commerce infrastructure.

Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Sahin also talked about the agency’s contributions to digitalization in Thrace and the opportunities provided to young entrepreneurs related to e-commerce.

Son Dika Current ‘State’s perspective on e-export’ was discussed at Turkey Meetings – Last Minute

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