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Doğan Subaşı, CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, resigned from the IMM and Beylikdüzü assembly memberships for the candidacy of a deputy candidate.

Doğan Subaşı made an emotional speech during his resignation and left the issue of giving the name of Martyr Major General Aydoğan Aydın to a street in Istanbul as a political testament to all members of the IMM Assembly.

The resignations from the municipal councils continue for the general parliamentary elections to be held on 14 May, together with the presidency. Doğan Subaşı, who serves as the CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the IMM Assembly, announced that he is a candidate for Istanbul 3rd Region deputy in the post he shared on his social media account. Announcing his candidacy as a deputy under the title “A change must begin” on his Twitter account, Subaşı made a statement at the CHP Beylikdüzü District Organization.

It did not go unnoticed that Doğan Subaşı posed at the CHP Beylikdüzü District Organization with Ekrem İmamoğlu’s social media message dated March 19, 2012:

He was born in 1966 in Susurluk. He completed primary and secondary school in Susurluk and high school in Istanbul. He graduated from KHO Business Administration Department in 1988 and from A.U. Faculty of Law in 1994. He continued his master’s degree in “Political Science and Public Administration” at Ankara University. Since 1996, he has worked in various positions in airline, tourism and transportation companies. He worked as a manager and investment consultant in Eastern European Countries. He has been working as a freelance lawyer since 2000. He wrote political analysis articles for Birgün, Cumhuriyet and Yurt newspapers. He speaks English and Russian. He is married and has one child. He has been living in Beylikdüzü for 17 years.

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