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CHP Edirne Deputy Assoc. Dr. Okan Gaytancıoğlu emphasized the drought in our country in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and asked for support to the producers who suffered from drought and diseases.

“Drought will negatively affect all crops planted in winter”
Saying, “The retroactive state insurance of all our producers for this year will prevent the producer’s grievances,” said Assoc. Dr. In his speech, Gaytancıoğlu drew attention to the severe drought and the diseases and pests seen in the fields as a result, and said:

“Although we were in the middle of January, our country could not receive enough precipitation, this situation, namely drought, seriously affects agricultural production. Due to the lack of sufficient cold and precipitation, diseases and pests that were not seen before in the farmer’s fields began to occur. For example, canola fields, which is an important oil crop in Edirne, deteriorated due to no rainfall. Now, drought will adversely affect all winter crops, especially barley and wheat production.

First of all, the damages of these producers should be eliminated and compensated. In this regard, although the Agricultural Insurance Pool, namely TARSİM, has drought insurance, many producers could not take out this insurance, primarily due to lack of money and additional burden, and then due to the unpredictable drought. The retrospective insurance of all our producers, who could not take out drought insurance and were affected by drought, by the state, will prevent the producer from suffering and ensure the continuity of the producer. I call the authorities to duty.”

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