Support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone

Support continues from Thrace to the earthquake zone.

Within the scope of the aid campaign after the earthquakes described as “the disaster of the century”, Edirneaid materials in Architect Sinan Sport It is brought to the Hall and Atatürk Cultural Center. The sorted materials are sent to the cities in the region in line with the needs.

Germanyof Bavaria Aid sent by expatriates living in the city of Kempten in the state of Kempten sport brought to the hall.

The driver of the aid truck, Erkan Çatalbaş, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that there were aid materials such as food, clothes, cleaning products, hygiene materials, tents and sleeping bags in the truck.

Stating that he knew what the earthquake meant, Çatalbaş said, “I am from Adapazarı. I am an old earthquake victim. I know more or less what they went through. I came from Germany without delay. Countries also helped in the transitions. We experienced a great disaster. Allah help us.”


In Kırklareli, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office AFAD Aid to the earthquake area continues under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate.

5 tons of rice, chickpeas, bulgur and lentils and 3 thousand bottles of oil in 2-liter bottles were donated by philanthropists for the food needs of the disaster victims.

With sacks Youth The pulses brought to the center were turned into packages of 2 kilograms by the volunteers.

In order to facilitate the distribution of aid packages in the earthquake zone, 2 kilogram bags of each product and 2 liters of oil were boxed.

By the Governorship of Kırklareli, Child At the service point created at the Homes Coordination Center, Family and Social Services Directorate teams receive applications from disaster victims.

Hatay‘of Antioch Filiz Boyacı, who came from the village of Oğlakören in the district of Oğlakören, said that they had experienced a great disaster.

Stating that they left the house with the onset of the earthquake, Boyacı stated that their house was destroyed in an instant and they escaped unharmed.

Stating that his daughter lived in Kırklareli due to her university education and they took shelter next to her, Boyacı said, “Our house first shook and then suddenly collapsed. We went out when the first earthquake happened. My mother-in-law fell while fleeing, but none of us were injured. We registered to benefit from the rights offered by the state for earthquake victims. Right Thank God, AFAD helped us by bringing us here.” he said.

In the city, there are 2 thousand 756 disaster survivors who came from the earthquake region and registered.

Luleburgaz A aid truck consisting of food materials was sent to the region by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Aid materials collected in the AFAD warehouse in Tekirdağ are sorted and sent to the region by trucks.

In addition, earthquake victims who come to the city meet their needs from the social market created at the aid points.

In Kapaklı district, aid continues to the earthquake area.

Mayor of Cappadocia Mustafa Cetin, prefecture He noted that, as of the moment of the earthquake, within the scope of the aid carried out under the coordination of the AFAD Provincial Directorate, they provided personnel support to the earthquake zones with construction equipment belonging to the municipality, mobile catering vehicle.

Stating that many aid materials, from food to clothing, made by the citizens, were classified and packaged, Çetin stated that they have provided 35 trucks, 23 pickup trucks and 37 containers to reach the region for the disaster victims in the earthquake regions.

Çetin said that they brought the volunteers to the region with 28 minibuses, 5 buses and 37 vehicles from Kapaklı.

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