Support for the book donation campaign of penitentiary institutions libraries from Thrace (2)


Corlu Courthousebook donation campaign in

Corlu Republic Speech by Chief Prosecutor Bilgehan Yücel

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The stand created for the donation of books From Thrace, support the book donation campaign of the libraries of penitentiary institutions

Ministry of Justice to the book donation campaign initiated within the scope of the “Cooperation protocol on the establishment of a library in prison campuses” signed between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Edirne, Kirklareli ve TekirdagProvided support from.

Edirne Chief Public Prosecutor Mustafa Cakmak, Edirne CourthouseAt the ceremony in , he said that the campaign was carried out simultaneously in all provinces with the slogan “The book heals”.

Stating that the campaign will continue until February 15, Çakmak stated that they have opened a stand in the courthouse and a shopping center in the city in order to increase the donation of books and raise awareness.

Çakmak thanked those who supported the campaign.

University of Trakya former vice-chancellor Recep Duymazwritten by Mehmet Akif ErsoyEdirne Governor H. Kursat Kirbiyikdonated 41 books to the campaign.

Judicial Justice Commission President Necati Görgülü, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edirne Representative Ambassador Murat Ahmet YorukEdirne Bar Association President Gökhan Karakoç, Edirne Deputy Mayor Selcuk Cakir, Trakya University rector Assistant Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Eşref Çağdaş Bal and courthouse staff donated books to the campaign.


The ceremony held at Kırklareli Courthouse was attended by the Governor. Birol Ekici, Chief Public Prosecutor Hazım Aslancı, Chairman of the Justice Commission Hüseyin Gedik, Kırklareli University Rector Prof. Dr. Bulent SengorurDeputy Mayor Burcu Bölükbaşı Yeğin and members of the protocol, members of the judiciary and courthouse personnel attended.

Governor Ekici and his entourage donated books to the established stand.

In his speech here, Ekici wished the book donation campaign to be beneficial.

Emphasizing that they support the campaign as members of a religion whose first verse is “Read”, Ekici invited everyone to support the campaign.

Thanking those who contributed to the preparation of the campaign, Ekici said, “As the Governorship, as Kırklareli, we are supporters of this campaign. I will support the campaign both as Kırklareli Special Provincial Administration and personally. We will also support the campaign financially and morally. We believe in a belief whose first verse is “Read”. We are the members of the community. That’s why we need to read more.” he said.

Chief Prosecutor Aslancı stated that the book donation campaign initiated for the libraries of penitentiary institutions continued at three points opened in the city.

Expressing his belief that the people of Kırklareli will give great support to the campaign, Aslancı noted that the campaign will end on February 15.


A stand where book donations are accepted was set up in a shopping mall in Tekirdağ.

Tekirdag Chief Public Prosecutor, who donated books Soner GulIn a statement to reporters, he said that they care about the libraries created in prisons.

Stating that the citizens can donate books at the stand, Gül stated that the convicts make the most of the libraries.

Emphasizing that the variety of books in libraries will increase thanks to the campaign, Gül noted that they expect citizens to participate intensively in book donations.

Besides Gül, the Governor of Tekirdağ Aziz YildirimTekirdag Justice Commission Chairman Naci Ergin, Tekirdag Namik Kemal University Rector Prof. Dr. Mümin Şahin donated books.

A book donation campaign was also launched in Çorlu Courthouse.

Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor Bilgehan Yücel said in his speech that these books will be selected by the convicts from the database to be prepared by the prison administration, and then the book chosen by the convict and which he wants to read will be delivered by the officials and followed up.

Stating that prisons are not just places where detainees reside, Yücel said, “It is our penal policy determined by the state to rehabilitate convicts at one point and reintegrate them into society. In this context, we have some works carried out by our ministry every year. Your book donations and contributions are extremely valuable for our convicts and detainees.” said.

Çorlu Police Chief Murat Tabak attended the ceremony. Gendarme Commander Major Engin TurkCorlu Director of National Education Hussein ErdoganÇorlu Mufti Mevlüt Haliloğlu, representatives of public institutions, prison administrators and employees, and courthouse employees attended.

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