Suzuki is working on an all-electric Jimny for Europe!

Suzuki let it slip that an all-electric Jimny is under construction.

Suzuki is working on an all-electric Jimny for Europe!

Yes, the Japanese firm may have unveiled its first electric concept , the eVX, which you can see at the bottom of this page earlier this month. But in a new ‘Growth Strategy’ briefing we can see the Jimny’s unique silhouette. In a section marked ‘Battery EV array’. Would the confirmation be more concrete than that?

That’s all the details we’ve got so far, but we’re confident that an electric Jimny can improve the 100 hp of the standard thanks to its naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. It will also allow it to be sold on our shores with current 4×4 combustion limited to Jimny Commercial specification due to CO2 regulations.

Suzuki is working on an all-electric Jimny for Europe!  - Picture : 1

There’s no word on whether the Electric Jimny will be the first EV Suzuki launches here, but we know we can expect at least one model followed by four more in 2024. And a tiny kei--sized EV lurking in the shadows?

It is also said that by 2030, Suzuki has calculated that its sales share in Europe will be 80 percent EV and 20 percent hybrid. That said, the company isn’t fully into electricity yet. “Suzuki will provide not only battery-powered EVs, but also carbon-neutral internal combustion engine vehicles using a blend of CNG, biogas and ethanol fuels to provide a full range of products and services,” the briefing document says.

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