Tekirdağ City Hospital served 1500 patients from abroad last year

Tekirdag Dr. Ismail Fehmi Cumalioglu City Hospitalwith its technological infrastructure, qualified bed capacity and health service, served 1500 patients from abroad last year.

Opened on November 13, 2020 in Süleymanpaşa district and DecemberPatients from neighboring provinces and abroad also come to the city hospital, which started to accept patients in .

Provincial Health Director Ali Cengiz KalkanAA correspondent, the city hospital is a very important service that Tekirdag said.

In the hospital, which provides service in the comfort of a hotel, from Europe, especially from the Balkan countries, AsiaStating that patients were accepted from different countries of the world, Kalkan continued as follows:

“Last year, more than 1500 patients were served within the scope of health tourism. Romania, Macedonia, BulgariaAlbania, Chuang We have an increasing number of patients from Balkan countries, especially from the Balkan countries. They are aware that they receive a health service above world standards here. In the patient satisfaction surveys we conducted among our own citizens, we see a satisfaction of over 95 percent, while we see that the satisfaction of patients coming from abroad is over 99 percent.”

Kalkan stated that foreign patients told about the quality health service they received in Tekirdağ in their own country.

Istanbul AirportNoting that Turkey is at a maximum distance of 1.5 hours from Tekirdağ, Kalkan said, “Those who come from abroad can reach us in 1 hour and 20 minutes. ErbilA patient coming out of the hospital can come to our hospital in 5 hours. Since Istanbul Airport is extremely fast and active, all provinces of Thrace can be reached in a very short time. Therefore, this is among the advantages of our city hospital.”

Kalkan stated that the hospital attracted attention because it provides services above world standards and the operation is very fast, and said:

“Our citizens living in Europe, America and other countries also come here. They know that they receive these services much more quickly. Especially when they compare with the countries they are in, they see a great difference. Republic of Turkey The high momentum achieved by the Ministry of Health in recent times is dazzling. We have to express the contributions of our President, who has led our country to great revolutions in the field of health, especially in the last 20 years.”

Son Dika Health Tekirdağ City Hospital served 1500 patients from abroad last year – Last Minute

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