Telegram gave its mouth to WhatsApp

Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn of responded to his allegations. The head of made some claims about Telegram’s . If you remember in the past years For reasons, it lost too many users to platforms like Signal and Telegram. Then it fixed the problems on the platform and brought an end to concerns. But then the platform started to make some claims about Telegram’s . Telegram, on the other hand, is responding to these accusations.

Telegram gave its mouth to WhatsApp

Telegram gave its mouth to WhatsApp - Picture : 1

Commenting on the privacy and of chats Telegram The president claims that the protocol on privacy is done without any problems in the application. To prove this, a team from the University of Udine in Italy verified the MTProto 2.0 protocol Telegram uses to secure their chats.

Telegram’s app is open source and has been using repeatable builds since version 5.13. “Repeatable builds” means you can compile the publicly available source code and verify that the resulting machine code is the same as the one hosted on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Telegram’s own website. There is serious competition between the two applications. Among the messaging applications, which has a serious user WhatsApp still aims to be at the top of this competition.

Telegram claims to offer its users a secure chat environment without compromising its stance on privacy and .

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