Temperatures are dropping from tomorrow! Snowfall warning for the new week from Meteorology

general Directorate of MeteorologyAccording to the latest evaluations made from , the air temperature will start to decrease gradually throughout the country from tomorrow. Snowfall will also be seen in the inner and western parts of the country in the new week.


Today, it is expected that the Thrace part will be very cloudy and rainy at night, while the other parts will be partly and less cloudy. Marmara It is expected to see haze and fog from place to place in the interior. Since the wind is expected to blow strongly (40-60 kmh) from the south and southwest directions in Thrace, it is necessary to be cautious and careful against negativities such as disruptions in transportation. It is estimated that the air temperatures will gradually decrease starting from the northwest parts from tomorrow.


first day of the new week Black SeaMarmara and Central Anatoliawith all of EgeWhile precipitation is expected in the north of , the remaining parts are expected to be partly and very cloudy. your precipitation West Blacksea It is predicted that it will be in the form of snow and sleet in the north and east of Central Anatolia. It is expected that the wind will blow in the form of a strong storm from time to time in the coastal parts of the Marmara and Aegean.

Tuesday, Middle and East BlackseaInner parts of Marmara, West MediterrenianRainfall will be seen in the middle and east of Central Anatolia. Partly and very cloudy weather will prevail in the remaining parts. Rainfall is expected on the Marmara and Central and Eastern Black Sea coasts, and snow and sleet are expected in the remaining parts that receive precipitation. Highest temperatures of the day, next week Ankaraand 3, İzmir‘of 12, Antalyaat 18, Diyarbakirat 13, Samsunat 8, İstanbulIt will drop to 11 degrees.

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