Thanks to artificial intelligence, Doctor Octopus-style limbs from the Spider-Man movie can be developed!

With artificial intelligence making great progress in the last few months, we can say that the steps towards the dystopian future of humanity, similar to the Cyberpunk , have begun to decrease.

According to the scientists, new developments are on the way, including robot parts attached to our bodies, from an extra arm to assist with daily tasks, to wings and tentacles that will turn us into super villains.

Tentacles, arms and wings are no longer dreams

Professor of cognitive neuroscience at Cambridge University’s MRC cognition and brain unit Tamara MakinA Cyberpunk 2077-style world that could eliminate criminal gangs or let us jump on top of houses is imminent, he told The Guardian.

If you want an extra arm in the kitchen to be able to stir the soup while chopping vegetables while cooking, attach an extra robot arm and You may have the option to check” said.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be able to have extra arms and tentacles!

Scientists have been experimenting in this area for years. One of the most famous examples is that of Makin’s colleague at Cambridge University. Dani Clode It is the 3D-printed “third thumb” created by This attachment is designed with a variety of workplace applications in mind, including helping waiters carry extra plates and holding beams in place while construction workers drive nails.

Although not yet controlled from the brain as in sci-fi movies, the finger can be controlled by pressure sensors under the user’s two big toes.

While there is research into using electrodes in the brain or spinal cord to control external robotic devices Makin, believes that this invasive approach would be unethical if performed on healthy people.

Makin also says that thanks to developing , adding wings and tentacles is now a possibility.

The main thing is control. So the wings are actually very simple because there is only one degree of freedom up and down. But when you do something more complex like a tentacle, you’re going to need a lot of control.” Said.

Such robotic advances have been in use for years. Let’s not forget the robotic tail in 2019, which is designed to improve agility and balance.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Doctor Octopus-style limbs from the Spider-Man movie can be developed!  - Picture : 2

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