The 500th Year of Turkish Existence in Rhodes Symposium started in Muğla.

MuglaThe 500th Anniversary of Turkish Existence Symposium in Rhodes started.

Turkish history association, Mugla Sitki Kocman University (MSKU) and Rhodes, Kos Academicians and scientists from various universities attended the symposium held at MSKU Atatürk Cultural Center in cooperation with the Dodecanese Turks Culture and Solidarity Association.

In the symposium, in which subjects such as the conquest and management of the islands by the Ottomans, the cultural identity and future of the Turks of Rhodes and Kos, and the preservation of the architectural monuments of the Turks in this region were discussed, solutions to current problems will be sought in the light of historical information and documents.

President of the Turkish Historical Society Prof. Dr. Birol Cetinin his speech at the opening of the symposium, said that the institution has been carrying on its activities for 91 years to research all aspects of Turkish history.

Stating that they have published around 2,100 book publications and reached the number of articles around 7 thousand so far, Çetin said, “History is the common property of humanity. Therefore, there is no room for prejudices and arbitrariness. It is necessary to know what the archive writes. We have always defended this truth. Of course. they could not come up with scientific studies and research like us. They came up with slogans that are far from being scientific.” said.

Greeceespecially last year, exceeding the limit TurkeyReminding that he made very heavy accusations against , Çetin stated that they gave sufficient answers to these.

Çetin noted that the historical aspects of the area, which the opposing party fears most and are inadequate, are.

Explaining that what happened was not just a problem with Greece, Çetin said:

“There are other forces behind this as well. We know very well the processes of their gaining independence. Therefore, we as an institution will continue to work without deviating from being scientific. We are not in a defensive psychology either. The truth of the matter is the same in the Armenian issue, we have always been stabbed in the back. In the pages of history, we have been treated like this in return. Therefore, we are right and strong because we are on the side of the truth.”

Çetin stated that they plan to publish the papers presented at the symposium as a book as soon as possible, adding, “Because we, as Turkish historians, write their history.” used the phrase.

“Tourists going to the islands should contact their kinsmen”

Rhodes Kos and Dodecanese Turks Culture and Solidarity Association President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kaymakci On the other hand, he said that they have been working hard since 1996 in order to raise awareness in international organizations.

Pointing out that the most important issue they focus on is to develop friendship and cooperation between the Turkish and Greek peoples, Kaymakçı said, “However, our sincere desire is not mutual. All members of our association believe that establishing the friendship between Turkey and Greece on solid foundations depends primarily on discussing the problems in the relations.” he said.

Emphasizing that they consider the inability of the Turks living on the islands to live their cultural identity as a human problem,

Kaymakçı said:

“We do not accept the destruction or ignoring of any cultural identity as a correct approach. West ThraceThe preservation and development of Turkish cultural identity in Rhodes and Kos, as in European Union It should be one of the foremost tasks of his country, Greece. Our compatriots Aegean SeaAll civilized countries must respond to the silent cry of God. Our state needs Council of Europe We welcome him to bring this issue to the agenda intensively in international platforms such as Turkish-Greek relations and in Turkish-Greek relations.”

Kaymakçı said that the tourists who go to the islands from Turkey get in touch with their cognates living there and the remains from the Ottoman Period.

He pointed out that he should visit the cultural heritage.

Advising Turkish visitors to bring the destruction they saw to the attention of the Greek authorities, Kaymakçı said, “Everyone should know that this kind of pressure is necessary. I think that protecting the Turks of Rhodes and Kos is equivalent to protecting Turkey. Because this is Turkey’s closest Turkish communities.” made its assessment.

After the speeches, the documentary was screened.

prof. Dr. In the first session of the symposium chaired by Birol Çetin, under the title of “The Transition of Rhodes and the Dodecanese to Turkish Sovereignty”, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yasar By Ertaş, “The Conquest of Rhodes in 1522: Causes, Mobilization and Siege”,

prof. Dr. Adnan Çevik’s “The Lawful Way: The Route of Sultan Süleyman’s Rhodes Expedition” with Prof. Dr. Namik Açıkgöz by ” Suleiman The MagnificentPresentations were made on the subject of “The Story of the Rhodes Expedition in Muğla”.

After the session, the clothes of the period were exhibited in the exhibition opened by Muğla Maturation Institute.

The 500th Year of Turkish Existence Symposium in Rhodes will end tomorrow.

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