The Ancient City of Bathonea comes to light with the support of Mercedes-Benz Türk

Mercedes-Benz Türk has added a new one to its social benefit programs that it carries out as a supporter of the Bathonea Ancient City excavations. İstanbulIt plays an important role in uncovering and preserving the historical and archaeological heritage of Turkey.

The Ancient City of Bathonea comes to light with the support of Mercedes-Benz Türk

Süer Sülün, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz Turk

Mercedes-Benz Türk Chief Executive Officer Süer Sülün said the following about the support: “We are very happy to walk side by side with our stakeholders who shape the future of our country, protect their rich heritage and increase our common wealth by transferring it to future generations. As Mercedes-Benz Türk, we are proud to reveal our cultural heritage and The steps we have taken to protect it date back long before today. The world Archaeological excavations in the Ancient City of Troy, which is on the Cultural Heritage List, resumed in 1988, after a 50-year hiatus, with our support. We continued our support for the excavations for 15 years, from 1988 to 2003. The Ancient City of Bathonea, on the other hand, is a world heritage that will shed light on Istanbul’s thousands of years of history. Our city, which has hosted many civilizations with its unique location, has a rich heritage waiting to be discovered underground, beyond what we see above ground. We are excited to support the transfer of this legacy to future generations.”

The Ancient City of Bathonea comes to light with the support of Mercedes-Benz Türk

Bathonea Ancient City Excavation Director Prof. Dr. Sengul Aydingun

Bathonea Ancient City Excavation Director Prof. Dr. Şengül Aydıngün, on the other hand, said, “Archaeological excavations have an information production process that has not reached the industrial dimension despite all the developing technologies. In short, the main production parameter is people, not machines. The more qualified and the more people can participate in production, the bigger and more eye-catching the results will be. “We were very lucky this year thanks to Mercedes-Benz Türk. We would like to thank the Mercedes-Benz Türk family for providing us with this chance and enabling us to reach where we are today, and we wish this beautiful partnership to continue for many years to come,” he said.

New information about the history of Istanbul emerges in the excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea

The early Hittite traces found in the excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea, where many unknown important structures of Istanbul and issues waiting to be enlightened, are brought to light, are described as the biggest discovery in the studies. With this discovery in the excavations, Hittite traces were found for the first time on the European continent.

The Ancient City of Bathonea comes to light with the support of Mercedes-Benz Türk

Excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea

Kucukcekmece Lake Excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea in the basin began in 2007 with a survey. With the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the financial support of the Governorship of Istanbul, Prof. Dr. It was turned into scientific excavations under the chairmanship of Şengül Aydıngün.

During the excavations Hellenistic ve Roma Traces of two ancient harbors called “Big” and “Small” and an ancient lighthouse that remained in the lake were identified. With this discovery, the second ancient lighthouse in our country was discovered after Patara.

On the results of the research in 2009; In 2009, the American Archaeological Institute Magazine, British Independent Newspaper and Heritage Key included the excavation site on the “Top Ten List of the World’s Most Important Archaeological Discoveries”.

During the excavations that began in real terms in 2011-2012, ancient port structures, a giant open cistern (100×20 meters long and 7000 cubic meters of water), a castle ruins and a large palace with mosaic floors, were found to be built by the Emperor Constantine the Great (AD330). complex, underground water channels and ancient roads were unearthed. Small objects, ceramics and amphorae found inside these structures date back to BC. 6th to 6th century AD Mediterrenianwith many ancient centers from the west to the east ( Spain, Italy, Sicily, Fas, Sweetcorn, LebanonPhoenician, Syria, Ege Islands) Black Sea revealed the existence of an intense maritime trade between them.

Excavations in the Küçükçekmece Lake Basin are on the way to become a very exciting and remarkable project in the scientific world, not only in terms of providing data that will complete the missing historical gaps of Istanbul, but also in terms of being the first region in Thrace to present Hittite traces.

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