The application that turns your computer into a phone comes from Xiaomi: MIUI+

Chinese tech giant , that will turn your computer into smartphones MIUI+ introduced a new feature called Let’s take a look at the functions of this program, which will also be used globally.

Computer-phone connection takes a different shape with MIUI+

debuts It was introduced to the Chinese market. This interim update, which brings many interesting innovations compared to the twelfth generation, is also It also housed a new tool called MIUI+. Many people were unable to use this tool as it only works with Chinese ROMs. However, the company plans to make the app generally available.

This feature allows you to control the desktop mode on your PC or Mac device with your phone. Program, It allows you to control your devices remotely and wirelessly in a versatile way.

Xiaomi turns PCs into phones with its new app!

MIUI+was designed primarily to share the screen of your smartphone or tablet and provide the ability to view data from these devices. This will allow you to control some actions without using your mobile device. You will be able to run a selected mobile application on your computer.

In other words, on your smartphone While watching the video, you can write messages to your friends with any messaging application and your PC keyboard at the same time and vice versa. You will also have the chance to easily copy texts from your smartphone to your PC, quickly transfer files between them, take screenshots, etc.

MIUI +, It will provide a relatively important ecosystem link between the PC and the smartphone or tablet. Many fans have wanted to use this program for several years, eventually this function will be available in Europe.

The sad thing is that only three devices on sale in the global market support this feature. Supporting devices will be:

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