The bad news has arrived! Two new bans for scooter use are on the way

Scooters, which are frequently used as an alternative to the traffic problem, It has been learned that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has started working on a new regulation. Inappropriately parked, especially lately. of electric scooters With the collection of these vehicles, a new discussion started about the use of these vehicles and even the companies that rented these vehicles participated in the discussion. If the regulation that the ministry is working on is implemented, various restrictions will be applied to the use of these tools.

To solve the traffic problem in big cities and make people more fast and practical electric vehicles implemented to reach the point they want to go somehow. scooterlar It has been very popular in recent years. However, due to the fact that these vehicles cause problems for pedestrians and traffic in various situations, there are various studies.

According to the news of Hürriyet Istanbul Kadikoy MunicipalityFollowing the decision of .

If the work of the Ministry is implemented, a scooter various vehicles to prevent two people from getting on at the same time. sensors will be fitted. At the same time, there are various limitations on speed. The speed limit at this point is per hour 50 km’Scooter use will be interfered with via satellite on roads above . For example, on a road with a speed limit of 80 km, the speed of the scooter is first 10 km, then 5 km’will be lowered and stopped.

$150 per vehicle

It is stated that the cost of the sensors to be attached to the scooters will be 150 dollars per vehicle. Except this 25 km There is also an improvement on whether the speed limit will be lowered or not. In this context, it is underlined that the border will remain fixed, but local governments have the authority to lower it when necessary.

50 km speed

If we briefly summarize the regulation that the Ministry of Transport is working on; use with two people and 50 km It is aimed to eliminate situations such as overclocking. On the other hand, it is stated that the sensors used in these vehicles and methods such as satellite intervention will be the first in the world.

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