The Berber Asan sign, written in the Thracian dialect, makes you smile

EdirneIn , barber Hasan Livada makes the residents of the city smile with the “Berber Asan” sign reflecting the Thracian dialect.

Livada, 42, a barber on Çilingiyor Street, designed her name on the sign of her shop as “Berber Asan”, inspired by the swallowing of the “H” sound in the Thracian dialect.

The sign, which also includes the message “Split shaves”, makes the people who pass by the shop smile.

Livada told the AA correspondent that she loved her profession, which she left behind for 30 years with her apprenticeship.

Stating that he opened his last shop in 2015 with the support of KOSGEB, Livada said, “In 2014, İŞKUR I attended the young entrepreneurship course opened by KOSGEB. One of our instructors in the course suggested that if we were going to set up a workplace, we should do something different. Since I am a Thracian, we did something like this on our sign to draw attention to our workplace.”

The letter “H” is always swallowed here

Livada stated that the “H” sound is not used much in the Thracian dialect, and because his name is Hasan, he wanted to use this dialect on the sign.

Stating that many people photographed the sign of the shop while passing by, Livada said:

“Since we were kids, ‘Asan come here, Asan do that.’ Not only Hasan, the letter H is always swallowed by us here. It was necessary to evaluate it, we used it well. The sign attracts everyone’s attention. Many people passing by take a picture of our workplace sign and share it on social media. Being a Thracian is something different, we have to live it. We are a border city. for Bulgaria ve GreeceWe also have customers from .

The signage of the workplace also attracts the attention of customers.

Alper Babacan stated that he came to the barbershop on the advice of a friend and that the sign caught his attention as soon as he saw the shop.

Görkem Malçek also stated that he had been coming to the barber Hasan to shave for a few months, and that he saw tourists take pictures in front of the shop.

Son Dika Current The Berber Asan sign, written in the Thracian dialect, makes you smile – Last Minute

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