The best tools that minimum wage workers can easily get!

It is a fact that everyone knows that it is not easy to buy a good these days. During the pandemic, used prices soared due to disproportionate demand and limited availability of new cars. And while some of these imbalances have stabilized in recent months, the country is still plagued by inflation and supply chain shortfalls. The model that was once affordable to buy can now be the most expensive model in many cases.

However, this content The best tools that minimum wage workers can easily buyWe have listed it for you. Especially if there are 2 minimum wages in your house, you can easily pay off your debt within 2 years. For example; If you take out a loan of 100 thousand TL with an interest rate of 1.74%, you can pay 5,392.50 TL per month with a 24-month installment option.(a total payment of 129,920,00 TL) you can own the cars at the bottom of our page.

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