The compatriots who went to help the earthquake areas returned to Western Thrace.

Kahramanmaras After the earthquakes affecting 11 provinces TurkeyThe cognates who went to the earthquake regions to support the relief efforts with the idea of ​​”paying the debts of loyalty to Turkey”, West ThraceHe returned to .

living in Ketenlik village of Xanthi. Konya Selcuk University graduate Bilgehan Şerifoğlu, Marmara University Faculty of Theology students Hüseyin Dangala and Burhan Karadayı told Anadolu Agency (AA) about their experiences in earthquake zones.

Şerifoğlu stated that they experienced great sadness after the news of the earthquake and said that they decided to go to the earthquake zones with two other friends for help.

At Ebrar Site in Kahramanmaraş AFAD Explaining that they helped their teams, Şerifoğlu used the following statements:

“Obviously, we couldn’t stand still while people were suffering there. We went directly to Kahramanmaraş, where we tried to help professional teams. After a while, we moved to the villages of Antep and started to deliver aid there. Food, diapers, clothing, and especially scarves and scarves as it is winter months. “We were making packages from materials such as berets. We were trying to take them and deliver them to mountain villages. We went there with a sense of duty because we studied in Turkey and grew up there. We thought of it as a debt of loyalty. I hope we helped someone.”

Emphasizing that they encountered an unexpected sight in the earthquake zone in Dangala, he said, “There was a survivor two days ago from one of the wrecks that we participated in the work. We are happy with this.” said.

Earthquake Karadayı, who went to help his region, Gaziantep Drawing attention to the sensitivity of tradesmen, he said, “For example, we wanted materials worth 5 thousand Turkish liras, our tradesmen’s brothers were giving 8 thousand Turkish liras. Everyone was supporting them as much as they could.” he said.

Son Dika Current Citizens who went to help earthquake areas returned to Western Thrace – Last Minute

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